Thursday, April 17, 2008

On my own hunt

Did anyone notice that I had more time to blog when my kids weren't home?!?!

So I'm planning a big activity for our MOPS group this weekend and I'm kind of stuck. We did it last year and it was a hit, so Gary and I are planning it again this year and I'm just hoping it measures up. What we did was a glorified scavenger hunt, modeled after the TV show, The Amazing Race. It was so fun! I can't wait to blog about it after Saturday.

I'm having a problem locating a few things though. Maybe someone out there in blog land can help me out.

Let's see...

Where can I get about a dozen cow eyeballs?

If I can't get those, worms are okay to eat raw, right?

And how long do piercings take to grow back together? I don't want anyone mad at me.

Won't Saturday be FUN, girls?!

And for my friends reading this who will be there, don't back out on me now! HA!


  1. yummy, I love cows eyeballs! But worms taste better smoked.

  2. Are you out of your mind? I think I made the right decision. great scare tactic- though.

  3. Right about now I'm thinking what a bummer it is that I'm not a MOP and not in Colorado can't wait to hear about what transpires.

  4. Piercings grow back together, but always leave a tiny scar:) I think you should go with tatoos, can't they do laser removal?

  5. Cow eyeballs and piercings? Oh, that sounds like fun!! Can't wait to read all about it! ;))

    Thanks for joining the Married to the Ministry Blogroll!


  6. have fun! i wish with all my heart i could be there today.

  7. You won't believe it, but my son's little girlfriend had a birthday party and they actually did the identify the body part and used REAL cow parts...her dad was a rancher. There's you an idea! LOL!

  8. That sounds so fun! Can you post the hunt or can you email it to me? I am in charge of Creative Activities for our MOPS group next year and I would love to do something like that! Thanks!

  9. So... how'd it go?

    P.S. Maybe you can change part of your blog to say "Blogging friends (plus two sisters and a husband)" ...Just a thought. :)

  10. Glad our Mops group just does "The Not-So Newlywed Game" and "Family Feud". Cow eyeballs? Check Pioneer Woman!


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