Thursday, December 06, 2007

For the birds

There are two things to share with you that in my opinion, are for the birds.

First, are these candy canes:

They might taste good, but here's what they do:

Yes, it's funny, and I expected all of the looks and laughs the girls got when we went to Target, candy canes in hand yesterday. What I didn't expect was the amazing, technicolor diaper this morning:

Ha, ha! Scared you, didn't I? Well, don't doubt for a second that I wasn't poised over that diaper, camera in hand. I didn't take a picture in the end (pun intended), but I was so tempted. It was the most vivid green I've seen in a diaper. We're not talking baby-food-peas-for-lunch green, we're talking Grinch green. What's worse? Her rear was stained a nice shade of aqua. Again, I had the camera in my hand, but thought better than to take a picture of her colorful caboose. So unless you're up for the blue tongues (which the girls loved, mom didn't), these candy canes are for the birds.

Also for the birds... today's craft project. In a moment of feeling crafty, I had the idea to make a garland to put on our trees outside. The girls LOVED it! We created an assembly line, and they got to pick which items they'd push down the string. We had bowls of popcorn, raisins, cheerios, and cranberries to choose from. The girls loved pushing their train all the way to the end, and coming around the table to get back "in line."

When we were done, we put it in a tree in the front yard, and they're VERY excited to see if the birds eat it. I told them it's our Christmas present to the birds. It was a success, and we'll definitely do it again whether the birds eat it or not. So this project is literally... for the birds. And we loved it!


  1. I love that garland! What a fun project to do together and it looks so nice! I bet the birds are gonna love it!
    I don't think we'll be buying those candy canes, although I bet they taste really good. The colored poo thing freakes me just seems way too unnatural. That happened to us one time with some cake frosting at a birthday party...We called it John Deere poop when it came out the next day (it was a john deere party and it was the color of those tractors.) Freaky! Looks like they enjoyed them, though!

  2. Oh. My. Word.

    I love Sweet-Tarts, but those candy canes are ... unnatural. Thanks for the warning. (And for not posting the picture you so aptly described. I think this is one of those times a picture could be worth a thousand words, but we're so glad the words stepped up to the plate.)

    The garlands are a great idea. I don't have trees in my yard. (Partially because I don't have a yard right now.) But the kids and I will have to do this in December and string the garlands on our deck. Natalie has been asking to make something to feed the birds.

    (Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag.)

    (Sorry. Too much coffee this morning.)

  3. What a great thing to do with your girls. That garland is lovely!

    As for those candy canes! It's scary to think of what they must put in foods for those colors to last all the way through our bodies! eeek.

    Love reading your blog Angie

  4. Love your garland...hmmm...may have to steal this idea!


  5. I laughed at loud at the picture of the girls with the blue mouths. :) We got the same candy canes and the kids decided to eat them the day I wanted to take our Christmas Card photos. You can imagine my horror when I saw their mouths. I was livid. LOL!


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