Thursday, December 13, 2007


I know I already wrote once today, but we just got back from the library holiday party and something is on my mind.

The librarian pulled out a snowman puppet. She said, "Do you know what this is?" Of course all the kids shouted, "SNOWMAN!" at the top of their lungs. With that understanding, nodding, I-hate-to-correct-you-but... look on her face, the librarian answered, "That's right, children. It's a snowperson."



This PC stuff has gone a little too far if you ask me. I was shocked that while we sang "Rudolph" she wore a blinking red nose. Couldn't that have hurt someone's feelings if say, perhaps, their nose was red from coming into the cold and they felt badly about it? Come on.

Snowperson. Pfffft.


  1. AMEN sista!! I am so tired of people trying to be PC. When did all of the world get so sensitive?

  2. puleeze!!!!! That's crazy, I am so annoyed at all the "holiday" stuff.

  3. Just. Slightly. Ridiculous.


  4. Holy Cow that is silly to the point of being IDIOTIC! I want to say the S word (stupid) but that would be too harsh! WOW

  5. Totally ridiculous.

    At my daughter's "WINTER Concert" they sang "Deck the Halls." I don't remember the lyrics being this way...

    "Don we now, our GRAND apparel..."


  6. I agreed with all the other comments when I read your post, but then at Christmas my aunt was saying "snowperson" and I first felt surprised and then amused when I remembered your post.

  7. LOL! Just touching base to see how you were doing! I'm very glad I did! That snowman thing gave me a good laugh! What in the world are people thinking?

    Jan from Unique Baby Gear, Baby Room Themes and Nursery Decorating Ideas Contests


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