Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Goodbye, fall.

I've said it before... I wish fall could last forever.

Crunchy leaves. Dancing leaves. Colorful leaves.

Reds, oranges, yellows, browns. Crisp air and bright blue skies. Gentle breezes.

I've felt sad in the last few days as the trees get barer and barer. Emma told me the other day that the trees look naked. She's right - they're beginning to look that way. I'm trying to hang on to these last days of autumn, so hopefully the pictures from the last few weeks will hold me through until next year!

Okay... brace yourself for a LOT of pictures!

These were taken on a little morning hike by the Flatirons...

Helping Grandpa rake leaves in his yard...At the pumpkin patch...

And in our own front yard...


  1. I have something to say about each picture, but there's not enough space here....your girls are adorable, I can't believe how much older Addie is looking. It looks like you guys have definitely taken advantage of fall there with all the leaves, how fun!!! I remember doing that when I was little, those huge piles, yippee! And you look gorgeous!!!! I miss you so much.

  2. Sigh.

    I hear you, girlfriend. I wish the autumn season was about four to six weeks longer. And then that it would snow for Christmas. And then the sun can come back out in January.


    Pictures are fun, gorgeous, happy. Do I recognize some Gymboree there on your girls? Because my daughter has most of their fall line, I think. It's a little crazy this year. But I couldn't resist that Autumn Leaves style. (Do I sense a trend here?)

  3. How fantastic are those pictures? Fall in Seattle is beautiful and amanzing, but so different from Colorado fall. Thanks for reminding me of home!

    And I cannot even get over how adorable the girls are...


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