Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dear Miss Anonymous

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

I saw that you posted a comment in response to my skinny legs post. I just measured, and my calf is 10 1/2 inches around at the widest part, and barely 7 inches around my ankles.

Let's just say I've been called chicken legs more than a couple katrillion times in my life.

Mostly by my adoring sisters.

Love, Angie

P.S. I did find some cute tall boots at DSW, but sadly, they didn't hug my legs like I'd hoped. But they were cute and reasonable, so I went for it! I'll post pictures if I can get some.

P.S. It's interesting to see how visitors get to my site, and I have to say that half of my visits each day are from people Googling, "tall boots for skinny legs" or "how are these boots supposed to fit my skinny legs" or "Praise God I don't have skinny legs like Angie" or "thin calves and tall boots" or "cheap boots for thin legs" ... I think I've found a new niche if anyone is in the shoe making business!

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