Thursday, October 11, 2007

How considerate

The scene: My room
The time: This morning
The characters: Emma and Mommy
The situation: I had just gotten out of the shower, dripping wet in my towel

Emma: Mommy?
Mommy: Yes, Ems?
Emma: It's okay with me if you go downstairs and bring me back some juice. You can even go in your towel if you want to.


It actually reminds me of a funny little story: When we were little, my mom was taking us to my grandma's house and was reminding us of our manners on the way. My grandma had a cookie jar that was always stocked for our visits. (Hey - my mom is a grandma now and needs to get on that!) My mom told us, "Now remember girls, you may have a cookie if grandma offers you one, but don't ask her for one." Sometime during the visit, my brilliant little sister Amy marched right up to Grandma and said, "Grandma, we can have a cookie if you ask us to." Smart girl.


  1. A little too smart, if you ask me.

    (And that picture of your daughter? Priceless. Too, too cute.)

  2. Thanks Ang, I think I was a smart little one...hey it got us all cookies didn't it? Emma reminds me a little too much of myself sometimes-just plain ornery! ;)

  3. That brought a smile to my face. She's a little smarty-pants! And I love that picture...such personality!


  4. Kids are too funny:) Never should be underestimated, yetpeople do:)

    Have a great day siesta;)


    LSOF Ministries

  5. Very cute!

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    Thank you!


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