Monday, September 19, 2011


Twelve years ago, 
we were young and in love.
And twelve years ago
our towels didn't have discolored bleach spots
or rips at each end
Our sheets were crisp and new
Without threadbare spots 
threatening holes at the slightest tug 
Our dishes were a complete 8-piece setting
Without chips and cracks and scrapes and marks
And not one piece had yet been surrendered to the trash can when dropped on the floor
And our silverware was shiny and new
And hadn't yet been "distressed" by the garbage disposal
And every piece was accounted for
 But today, place settings like these 
Tend to outnumber anything we had twelve years ago
 And we might look a bit more tattered and distressed ourselves.
But just like our much loved towels and sheets and dishes and silverware, 
We have a history.
This is our life.  It's comfortable.  It's wonderful and well-loved.
 Twelve years later, 
We're still in love.
In fact, I love you more today than I did back then, Gary.
I cannot imagine anyone better for me than you.
Thank you for sweeping me off of my feet all those years ago and creating this life with me that is so full with joy and love and fun... blessings for which I continually thank the Lord.  The joy and the pain, the celebrations and the sorrows... we were meant to experience them together.  Thanks for sticking with me and loving me through it all. 

Happy Anniversary, my love!


  1. I knew today was something special, but couldn't put my finger on was YOU!!! Happy Anniversary! Love this tribute to your 12 years, you guys are great!

  2. You have such a heartwarming way of discussing even the most everyday things. Hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary!

  3. This was the sweetest post EVER!!! I've been married 12 year too & I can so relate. Happy Anniversary to you & Gary. I hope your lives are filled with continued happiness!

  4. happy anniversary you both have been such a blessing :)

  5. that message at the end was SO SWEET!!! congrats gary and angie! something to celebrate, for sure. :)

  6. Simply love this post! The words and the pictures ring truth all around this house, too. My mother-in-law visited this past winter and bought me new towels. Don't tell her, but I returned them. I was not ready to "replace" the well loved ones from ten years ago ;)


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