Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yay Boo

YAY:  After deciding to make a too-close-to-bedtime Walmart run, the kids and I walked in to find it nearly empty!

BOO:  I realized that I left my list at home, along with the school supply lists.

YAY:  I happened to read the lists aloud to the girls at dinner tonight, so we remembered almost every item on the list!

BOO:  Almost every item.  We still need to go back.

YAY:  We shopped as fast as we could and the kids were good as gold.  Best shopping trip in a long time!

BOO:  The lines were soooo long.  I guess Walmart wasn't as empty as it seemed when we got there.

YAY:  The line moved quickly...

BOO:  ...until the person ahead of us revealed she was an extreme couponer.  HUNDREDS of coupons.  Ads spread out all over the place.  Bickering over 25¢.  I decided to wait it out since the other lines were just as long and we'd already started piling stuff on the conveyor belt.  Bad choice.

YAY:  We made friends with the nice people behind us in line.  Turns out they just moved here today from Seattle, live just down the street, and their kids will be attending the same school as ours!

BOO:  45 MINUTES from the time we got in line, we finally checked out.  45 MINUTES.

YAY:  The manager came over and thanked us for being so patient and told me he was impressed by my kids' great behavior.  He offered us an all-expense paid trip to DisneyWorld!

BOO:  That last little part isn't true.  But he did compliment the kids on their excellent behavior!

YAY:  We came home and the kids went straight to bed.  And now I am too.  Good night!


  1. 45 minutes? My blood pressure would have been SKY HIGH!

    I'm going school supply shopping today. Last night I took a peek at our required school fees and was shocked at the expense (not including school supplies and clothes!) I might have to look into that extreme couponing thing.

    Love that you made new friends in the checkout line. My kids roll their eyes at me when I start talking to people in line. They say I talk too much. Whatever.


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