Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bee is for Brody

Brody's latest adventure is being a Bee Wrangler.
The boy has no fear.  
Each morning (when the bees are busiest), he marches out to our bushes and starts capturing the bees.
No need for beekeeper frocks when you're as brave as Brody.  
Pajamas and a sun hat will do.
He waits for a bee to land.  
Sticking his tongue out helps with the patience and concentration.  
Then he slips the bee catcher over the unsuspecting buzzer and snaps the lid shut.

He's learned how to transfer bees from one bug cage to another so it's free to capture more bees.  
Sometimes his assistant, Emma, will do that part.  After all, he's got work to do.
And he's serious about his work.
Then, each morning after he's finished his bee keeping duties, he lets them go.  
After all, if he catches them all today, what will be left to catch tomorrow?
He's not at all afraid of getting stung.  
 That makes one of us. 

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