Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend High

My sister, who is obsessed with blogging chronologically, will be pleased with me for blogging about last weekend before blogging about more exciting events which have taken place since then, including today being the last day of school!  Hooray!

But if you're curious about what my sister did this past week, you'll have to wait a few  years.  She still has to blog about everything since November 2010 (when she last blogged), before she can blog about anything in the present.  Ha ha, just kidding, Amykins!

Anyway... now that sisterly love is out of the way...

 I live in a cute little small town that has a Town Fair every year, featuring Colorado's 2nd largest hot air balloon festival. 
  In the eight years we've lived here, this non-morning person has yet to see the balloons launch (*yawn* - I don't do mornings), but it's become a tradition to pile in the car in our jammies and drive around watching dozens of balloons float above us.  
 It's so fun!  We stalk them until they land, and watch them deflate.  The kids LOVE it.
This year, Gary recommended we get dressed (what?!) and so we did.  
And boy, are we glad!  
We watched the balloons from our car, and then got out to watch one deflate up close. 
And then we went and found another one to watch land and deflate, but got more than we bargained for...
Do the girls want to ride?  You BET they do!  
Emma and Addie had the best surprise when the pilot offered to give them an impromptu ride!  Brody was afraid of the flame's loud noise, which meant I was grounded with him.  
The girls didn't hesitate a second and were absolutely thrilled to take to the skies.  Of course, they were tethered, but I was surprised at how high they got to go!  
I admit, I was VERY jealous!
After their ride, we continued with our morning plan, which was to enjoy hot donuts right off the conveyor belt at Krispy Kreme.  Delish!
Donning their lovely donut hats, the girls sipped chocolate milk out of their cups in one hand, and delicately held a fresh donut in the other, claiming, "Oh, hi!  I work in an office!"  
"I'm at work, Mommy!  I have my coffee and my donut!"  
Umm, what?!  Where do they get this stuff?  First of all, Gary and I don't even drink coffee.  Second of all, Gary hardly has an office job, let alone a job where he sits around drinking "coffee" and eating donuts.  
My girls are hilarious.

So where do you go from there?  
Hot air balloon rides and donuts?  
How will we top it next weekend?  


  1. That is so awesome! I am so jealous! I think I know why your girls got offered a ride in that hot air balloon; because they are adorable! (Brody and Chloe too!) Of course, you are adorable too, so therefor, you should have at least been offered a ride in a... police car for "stalking". You know, I'm a little concerned since this is your second post in as many weeks about stalking.

  2. love it!! i miss living in a small town. :(

  3. angie this almost makes me think about getting up early to see those balloons:), we'll see if that ever happens:).... we made it to the fair at least:)LOL! What a fun morning, those pics were amazing thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like a fun time!!! Riding in a hot air balloon is on my bucket list. I'm scared though...eek!

  5. I love it! Those impromptu adventures are just the best, aren't they? Jon and I got engaged in a hot air balloon and always say that we'll have to treat the kids to a ride someday. So fun for your girls!

  6. I was waiting for them to tell you they were police officers! :)

  7. Let the girls know that Miss Kathleen works in an office and what they experienced is pretty spot on to everyday of my life... even down to the hats. ;)

  8. wait! there's a Krispy Kreme somewhere close to Erie?!! Where have I been?!

    this looks like too much fun! what a fun memory for them : )

  9. I just want a kripy kreme right now. Bad. If it wasn't 30 minutes from my house I would go there right now. Thanks.


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