Monday, May 30, 2011

Schoooooooool's Out For Summer!

We had two last days of school in as many weeks, which means I now have a Kindergartner and a 2nd grader.

How did that happen???

Addie was happy to oblige me with a mini-photo shoot on her last day.
In typical Addie fashion, she struck pose after pose after pose.  She was really torn up on this day about ending her preschool career.

Emma's last day was a pajama day, which seemed the perfect start to a long, lazy summer. I foresee a lot of pajama days in our near future.
Last week also marked Emma's first Field Day.  We had so much fun!
Emma's favorite event was the tug-of-war, which she cannot pronounce correctly no matter how many times I correct her.  She was thrilled that the girls beat the boys at tug-a-whore.  *sigh*
Addie was thrilled because she got to join in the fun and participate with Emma's class.  I was so proud of how Emma took her under her wing and included her.  

Despite not having an athletic bone in my body, I remember so many great Field Days in elementary school.  Some of my more vivid memories include:

  1. Failing every. single. time. to fling my shoe forward in the shoe kick.  It always went behind me.  Good thing we weren't graded for that.
  2. Mr. Chuck (the custodian) and Mr. Mac (the principal) grilling hot dogs out on the blacktop.  Yum.  And for some reason I remember Mr. Mac wearing a visor.
  3. Getting clotheslined playing Red Rover and seeing stars.  
  4. Not caring what team I was on, what game I was playing, or whether we won or lost, as long as I was on Logan Breed's team.  Nothing else mattered.
  5. Wearing shorts combined with a sweatshirt for the first time in 6th grade.  I got the outfit idea from my older cousin, Tara, and I felt so cool.
  6. Winning the three-legged race with my VBFF Kathleen EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  Domination, baby.  I betcha we'd still win today.
 Sadly, there was no shoe kick, there was no Red Rover, and there was no three legged race.  What has happened to Field Day?!  

So now it's officially summer vacation.  This is the time of year I scramble for a game plan so I don't waste the summer or go crazy without a plan every day.  More on that next week!


  1. As I was reading this, I was wondering if you passed along our 3-legged trade secrets to Emma... guess you'll have to host your own field day to teach her (and maybe we can kick it off with a mini parade?).

  2. And even though I'm pretty darn athletic, I have NEVER been able to have my shoe land in front of me in the shoe kick either. You're in good company. ;)


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