Monday, March 16, 2009

Return to Ramblin'

Well hello out there in Bloggerville!




It seems I took an EIGHT WEEK leave of absence. I just about fell over in my chair just now when I realized it had been so long. It wasn't intentional. I'd love to claim that I had some amazing reason for leaving my blog so dusty, but I don't. Unless you count the most adorable three reasons that ever did exist: Emma, Addie and Brody. I've been trying to think of some exciting way to make a grand re-entrance into the blogging world, but I can't. So I'll just ramble my way back in.

You know, one of my pet peeves is when people wear t-shirts of their favorite band or musician to the concerts. Hello, you wouldn't be there if you weren't a fan, you superfan, you. It's just kind of redundant. So it also bugs me when people go on and on about how they're so behind in their blog-reading or why they haven't blogged or how they're going to start blogging again. I mean, obviously.

(But seriously... I have over 800 unread blog posts in my reader, and that's AFTER I cleared out the ones I don't care about. I'm just a bit backblogged. I'm thinking of clearing out and starting from scratch. Yikes. But I've got to get that monkey off my back before I can blog without guilt. See? Here I go again.)

And so... here we go with two funny things my girls said:

First, we went to the Butterfly Pavilion a few weeks ago. If you're not from around here, it's a museum of insects, spiders, bugs and butterflies.

Really not my favorite place, but the kids like it. You can hold a tarantula named Rosie, and that part doesn't bother me.

You can see bugs the size of your head and that doesn't bother me.

You can walk around in a greenhouse with beautiful butterflies flying all around you, and THAT is the part that freaks me out. I pretty much don't like butterflies AT ALL. Or moths. It's really silly, I know. This one time in Jr. High, we had like this complete miller-moth invasion. They were all over the school and a boy slammed one in between pages 84 and 85 of my brand new yearbook. To this day there might be a moth carcass in there, I'm still afraid to look.

Anyway, Emma asked the most brilliant question while we were there. She asked if the "Butterfly Pavilion" used to be called the "Caterpillar Pavilion." Oh my gosh! She is the smartest kid EVER.

We also recently took a trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Gary tried feeding our baby boy to a dinosaur, which clearly traumatized him.

(Notice the Addie-tude in the picture above.)

Addie was looking at a skeleton of a prehistoric horse (or something) and asked if it was a zebra skeleton because of the stripes (rib cage). Brilliant! My kids are GENIUSES!


  1. Indeed they are! And they come by it honest, I'd say.

    I have missed you!!

    Delete the silly readers and begin fresh, like spring. It will feel awesome! You know I don't use a reader for that very reason--I don't need more to juggle and be behind about.

    Love and Prayers to you Friend-Angie!

  2. OK, I totally remember the miller moths back then. It was disgusting!
    And, Addie's tude- looks exactly like Caitlyn.
    Your kids are geniuses, and adorable. Love the smile as he's getting eaten by a dinosaur.

    And... welcome back to the blogging world- we missed you!

  3. Can I just tell you how very happy I was to see your blog show up in Google reader tonight!!! I couldn't wait until morning to read it.

    Hope you're well...I've missed you, Angie.

  4. Missed you loads, Angie!!

  5. Welcome back from your long bloggy vacation! Sounds like you all have been busy. And yes...your girls are geniuses!!!

  6. It's about time, girl!!!

    So fun to see pictures of you guys and the fun things you've done.

    I remember that moth invasion as nasty!

    Brody's getting so big! I love his smile, looks like such a happy camper.

    Hugs to all of you!!!

  7. Welcome Back, Angie!! I can't beleive how much he's grown. Has it really been 8 weeks? WOW!

  8. woo hoo! You're back! I LOVE the picture of Brody getting eaten by the dinosaur. That is one for the books. ADORABLE.

  9. I think that the zebra comment actually indicates that she is very smart!

    I love the Brody pic where he's traumatized. So cute!

    I don't know if my blog is one you do or don't care about, but I'll save you the guilt and let you know that I gave my final post a few weeks back. There's one less to worry about! ;)

  10. Welcome back!!! Missed ya! Don't feel guilty about just cleaning out your reader and starting over....cause you know what...know one will know!!!!! :)

  11. I'm glad to see Facebook hasn't swallowed you whole. ;-)

    Brody is so stinkin' cute. I've missed seeing his face.

  12. Perhaps it's genetic. I've been terrified of butterflies for as long as I can remember. I think it's something about the way they flutter all about that just creeps me out. I've never known anyone else with this same irrational fear and I must say I've caught a lot of flak for it over the years, so it thrills me to learn that I'm no longer alone in my affliction.

    My girls just took their first trip to The Butterfly Pavilion a couple of weeks ago, but you can bet it wasn't my idea. My mom wanted to take them there and I thought it sounded like a perfect grandma/granddaughters outing. I figured it was best, anyhow, that I not go along and taint their experience by letting them see me wince or jump every time one of those creepy creatures fluttered by me (or, God forbid, landed on me)...Goosebumps just thinking about it!


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