Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Guess who went to the ER?!

Nope, not me! Still no baby... maybe he really will make his appearance on his 08-08-08 due date! Wouldn't that be fun?

Instead, it was precious little Addie. Gary and I have been amazed that we haven't made a trip there yet, but figured when we did it would be for her first. Emma is crazy and way too daring for her own good, and although Addie isn't far behind her in that category, she's a little less coordinated. We figured she'd be acquainted with the good doctors at the ER first. We were right!

She fell off of the climbing wall at the park last night during our neighborhood block party. In my mind I should have screamed and panicked when the other moms came rushing over to tell me Addie was hurt, but I calmly smiled, excused myself from the conversation and strolled over to see what was wrong. Um, that's not normal, especially in my hormone induced state. I guess God just gave me peace so it wouldn't put me in labor. One girl with an injury in the backseat and one mama in the front seat in labor might've been too much for Gary on the way to the hospital.

Anyway, enough about me. This is about Addie.

So Gary's mom was there holding her and Gary picked her up, and when I saw her, her eye was bleeding down her cheek and into her ear, so it was hard to tell exactly what had happened. Gary rushed home with her (just 3 doors down) and I gathered the girls' shoes, said my goodbyes and went home to see how she was. However, on my way home, I lost my balance and fell, twisting my knee, scraping my knees and ankles and bumping my tummy. I felt like such a dork. I took a digger right on my bum. Thankfully, the baby was very active the rest of the night, so I wasn't concerned about him, it just added to the excitement of the night.

But back to Addie.

I got home to find that Gary had cleaned her up really well, but that she had a cut under her eye which was pretty deep, so off to the ER we went! Emma stayed behind with Gary's parents, but just as we were leaving, she ran back upstairs to get her horse to give to Addie so that Addie would know she was thinking of her. How sweet is that?!

Addie was the most cheerful, happy little girl in the car. We think she was thrilled to have us all to herself despite her injury. She was a chatterbox the whole way there!

So, to make a short story a little longer...

Addie is "shy to boys" and reminds us all the time, so imagine her delight when the nurse was a boy. She wouldn't even look at him. But thankfully he was very gentle and kind and she warmed up to him and even bragged to us later that she wasn't shy to him anymore. We were thankful though, that God gave us a "girl doctor" who was able to heal her cut with Dermabond instead of stitches. Praise God for that, because I don't think Addie would've taken well to the stitches. However, she was the bravest, most compliant little girl. She was so good and cheerful the whole time they worked on her eye. They said they want 10 more like her!

When we were done, Addie marched proudly down the hall, showing off her new bracelet (the hospital bracelet - very cool in the eyes of a 2 year old) and flashing her shiner for all to see.

And that concludes our first visit to the ER. It was a breeze. I figured I'd be a wreck, but the doctors and Gary and Addie all made it totally bearable, and dare I say... almost fun!? Crazy, I know.

Please note: this grouchy face had nothing to do with her eye... it had everything to do with the fact that I wanted to wash her face and brush her hair. But it's a nice touch.

And please tell me I'm not alone in thinking about how this will really enhance all of the new-baby pictures we're about to take. After I saw she was fine, I admit it was one of my first thoughts. C'mon. I know I'm not alone!


  1. Not alone at all!! Once I saw her sweet face, I admit I thought the same thing. Poor Peanut! (Amy thought it was funny I called her "peanut" when that's the one thing she can't have!!) Anyway, just take all the pictures from the left... her 'best side', HA!

    Give her hugs for me, k?

  2., right side. Take pictures from the right. Duh.

  3. Nope, not alone at all. Glad she is okay! The right side of her face is incredibly photogenic :-)

  4. Well, I'm glad it turned out to be okay. And even sort of almost fun. LOL
    She is adorable! Even with the shiner. I think it'll be extra-memorable for her to show it off in the upcoming new-baby photos. :)
    I also think that an 8-8-08 birthday will be super cool for little dude to have! Knowing you, you'll calmly watch the opening ceremony for the olympics while you're in labor. ;-)

  5. Awww...I'm glad everything went well. And at least she has a really cool battle wound that will give her lots of love and attention from people for awhile. : )

  6. I think she's kinda cute with that!

    And 8-8-08 is a great day for a baby...happens to be my 16th wedding anniversary!! And hubby will be home this year...not in Iraq like the past 2 years...yeah!!!

  7. Such a sweet story. There's no way people will ignore her now when they come to visit her new baby! She'll still be the center of attention afterall! And way to go God for giving you a great peace in the midst of possible hormonal craziness!

  8. I'm glad she is okay...I can't believe you have made it this long without a visit to the ER.

  9. You're not alone. I would have thought the same thing... once I stopped running in circles, screaming, "Oh my Lord, oh my Lord, oh my Lord." Which is what I tend to do in crisis situations. lol You were a beautiful portrayal of grace in what sounds like quite an eventful evening! I am anxiously awaiting "meeting" your second son! :)

  10. aaawwww...poor baby! It looks like it would really hurt. Glad she was such a trooper.
    Well you'll always have to tell the story when people look at pictures from this baby's birth!

  11. Aw, poor thing! Too bad Cakes just got out of her boot again or we could have taken pics of the two of them together looking pitiful...

  12. Oh, poor little girl! I'm glad it turned out to be a pretty positive adventure, though. ((hugs to you both))

  13. Oh my goodness! I am so glad she is OK. I am so amazed at how well God protects our little one's eyes. She still looks so sweet though! K still talks about how brave she was on our latest ER visit.

  14. Oh no!!! That looks like it definitely hurt. At least your baby photos will come with an interesting story now (ya know, rather than the lame story of "this is when God breathed life into you" and all that...)

  15. Atta girl, Addie! She's a total trooper. I'm thinking of you Ang. Every day I stalk your blog for signs of the new baby. Can't wait to read the news. Sending you my love! --Sunny

  16. Such sweet, brave photos! Glad all went well at the ER. And the shiner will be a great story for his baby book (does he have a name yet?!) As for the big sister meeting baby brother photos that you'll want on the mantel, that's nothing a little photoshop can't fix :) I had a lovely growth/pimply thing on my forehead when Wyatt was born... and you WON'T see that in his "meeting mommy" photos :) Aw, man... now everyone knows! ;)

  17. I showed Henry the pictures and he said he would give it kisses and make it all better. So thoughtful of him!

    It gets better, now whenever you take her out people ask "what happened" looking at you like, Did you beat her?

    Poor Addie, I am glad it wasn't traumatizing for any of you.

  18. She looked like such a trooper. Too bad the hospital couldn't have saved you an extra trip...gas is expensive. :)


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