Thursday, August 28, 2008

How to Make Your Mama Cry

When Brody was born, it seemed like my girls grew up instantly. Addie, who was my baby, suddenly got bigger. MUCH bigger. In comparison to tiny Brody, she is now a giant. Emma just seemed to have matured and really gotten sweet over night.

And then a week and a half ago, Emma showed me that she had a loose tooth.

Make that TWO loose teeth.

I couldn't believe it! She's not even five yet. I called the dentist to make sure it's okay to be losing teeth this early, and thankfully he said yes. But no, it's NOT okay. It means she's growing up and I can't do a thing to stop it!

So I took these pictures of Emma the other day, even though I was sure we'd have a few more weeks or months left with her baby teeth.

But we were wrong!

Yesterday after Bible Study, Emma leaned over to pick up a balloon and exclaimed, "My tooth!" I said, "What do you mean 'your tooth?'" She said, "It's on the floor!" She picked it up and looked at me, and sure enough, there was a new little gap in her mouth and a tooth in her hand. I don't know how, but she said it just fell out. It seems like it must have just literally, fallen out. It was there one second, and gone the next.

She was a little freaked out by the small amount of blood pooling in her new hole, and got a little teary. Addie said she was afraid too and kept saying, "Poor Emma!" But even though I was slightly devastated myself, I showed my excitement and reassured Emma that it's a great thing!

Since we hadn't left the church yet, I had Gary meet us at the door on our way out and when he saw our "surprise", I swear he turned ashen and held back tears.

So last night, we made a special envelope to keep the tooth in (I had wanted to make a cute little toothfairy pouch with Emma... someday... you know, when she was old enough to lose a tooth! But the envelope worked for now), and Emma willingly went to sleep so the toothfairy could come. She was VERY excited as she told me that the toothfairy would leave her a PENNY! Woo-hoo!

When I was little, I got a shiny fifty-cent piece for each tooth. They were VERY special. I'm wishing I'd saved them all to give to my own kids, but what kid thinks ahead like that? I meant to go the bank and forgot. So lucky little Emma got a sparkly Sacagawea dollar instead. Considering she was excited about a penny, I think maybe the toothfairy is going to cut back to a quarter for all teeth after the first one!

Once in awhile while Brody's sleeping, he'll smile a half-smile that just melts my heart and it makes me think back to the girls' toothless grins that I loved so much when they were babies. I didn't realize I'd be getting a glimpse of Emma's again so soon. *sigh*

One last thing... last night when we were eating dinner, we were talking about how sometimes people cry when they're happy (I cried when Brody was born, so now they bring it up occasionally). Emma said, "Yeah, that's why I was crying this morning when I lost my tooth. I was just so happy!" Mmmm-hmmm... sure!


  1. I keep thinking that once babys get through the pain of cutting teeth, they turn around and loose them again.

    I remember loosing my first tooth too. Somethings stay with us into adulthood. Come to think of it, I think I still have it. Yuck...that kinda grosses me out.

    I loved the note! I know she was so excited.

  2. awwwww...So sweet. I am glad you document things like this with pictures AND words on your blogs. They make great memories.

  3. How sweet! Just out of curiosity...did your Emma get her teeth early? My Emma got her first two teeth at 4 months and I have been told that she will lose her teeth early because of it. I AM not ready for this yet either. I want her to stay "little" as long as possible!

    I'm glad you were able to take pictures of her before she lost her tooth though. And I love the cute little note the tooth fairy left. That was so nice of her :-)

  4. Wow! Carson is SO jealous! I was showing him your blog this morning thinking he would think that was pretty cool and he just got mad that he hadn't gotten to lose a tooth yet. I'm not ready for that, I think I'll cry, too! :-) Getting ready for that first day of preschool next week is going to be hard enough for now!

  5. The is so sweet! She is getting so big. I feel like you just had her. Your such a great Mom, you inspire me!

  6. My Emma lost her first tooth at 4 and beware, they will probably being coming out like crazy!!!!

    Wow, the tooth fairy has beautiful handwriting....who knew? She's never left a note at our house! ;)

  7. Oh my goodness! I can't believe she lost a tooth! It is making me get all choked up just thinking about it. Hopefully I have a little longer with Dawson since he didn't get his first tooth until 11 months... I don't think I can handle that yet. I'm glad I can prepare for the things to come by reading your blog ahead of time. :)

  8. My girls will be jealous:) They cannot wait to loose a tooth. Love all the pics.

  9. She's so lucky that her first experience with tooth-losing was so peaceful and natural. I can still remember my first loose tooth. My dad tied floss around the tooth, then strung it up over my head, down my back, and tied it to my belt loop. Then he counted to 3 and told me to bend forward really fast. We have home video of him performing the same technique with Matt. I'm sure he got a real kick out of that :)

  10. Awww! I cannot believe it! K has not even had a faint wiggle. She will be so envious. And I am envious of you, eh-hm, I mean the Tooth Fairy's beautiful penmenship. You, I mean SHE should give lessons!

  11. I teared up happy tears reading this. Yes, the girls are growing up, but when did we? Wowsa, not only are you a momma, but the tooth fairy too--and excellent at both to boot! Love ya!

  12. How very sweet! I love the note the tooth fairy left. :)


  13. Hi! Just linked to your blog...mostly because of the fabulous name! LOL! I am the wife of a children's minister and found you awhile back, but just got around to re-arranging my links. LOVE your new little man! ; )

  14. Aaawwww. Congratulations. When my oldest lost her first tooth,I wasnn't there, and I was sad to miss it. Sounds like you are starting some fun traditions, though.
    Oh, and I just added you to my blogroll! I think your blog is delightful,as any blog titled "flibbertigibberish" would be!

  15. When I read this last week, Connor sat on my lap, asking, "Who's that girl, Mommy? What happened to her teeth? Oh! Did she get money? That's cool."

    The constant dribble of conversation made me think I'd already left a comment congratulating Miss Emma and sending condolences to you. It's not fair that she would lose her first tooth within days of you giving birth. Doesn't she understand about the hor-o-monays?

  16. so sweet....I am SOOOOO happy for you


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