Thursday, July 13, 2006

I can't see my pork!

A collection of today's conversations with my sweet little 2 year old:

(Emma received a sheet of temporary tattoo transfers at WalMart today. It features the characters from Over the Hedge.)
Emma: Mommy, I have a 'too?
Me: Yes, but then you have to go right to bed. Promise?
Emma: Yes, Mommy. Promise.
(I rubbed on the porcupine tattoo, with a soundtrack of oooo's and aaahhh's in my ear.)
Emma: Woooooooowww!
Me: Okay, Emma, now it's time for bed. Good night!
Emma: Mommy! Don't cover my pork!
Me: It'll be fine, Emma. Goodnight.
Emma: Okay. Goodnight, Mama. Goodnight, Pork.
(As I'm next door in Addie's room, I hear...)
Emma: I can't see my pork!
Emma: Where's my pork?!
(I re-entered her room and turned on the light.)
Emma (looking at her hand): My pork! Mommy, you have a pork too?

I was trying so hard not to crack up... it time to sleep!!! (And it was 9:45!) Why was that so funny to me?

- - - - -

(In the car, on the way home from the mall tonight... I'm digging around in the change compartment for money for the toll road.)
Emma: What you lookin' for, Mama?
Me: Money, so we can go on the fast road.
Emma: Ohhhh.
Me: But I don't think we have enough.
Emma: Oh well. We'll look in Daddy's pockets.
Me: Oh... Daddy has all the money in his pockets?
Emma: Yes, Mommy.
Me: Well, Daddy is rich!
Emma: No, Daddy is Gary.

- - - - -

Emma: Mommy, sing the ABC song.
Me: Okay, let's do it together.
Emma: No, it's too hard.
Me: Well then, I'll sing a little bit and then it can be your turn.
Emma: Okay.
Me: "A, B, C, D"
Emma: (silence)
Me: Emma! It's your turn. Copy me! "A, B, C, D"
Emma: Mooooo!
Me: "E, F, G"
Emma: Moooo!
Me: "H, I, J, K"
Emma: Moooo!
Me: Emma, why are you mooo-ing?
Emma: I just like to moo. It will be okay.

- - - - -

(in the car earlier today)
Emma: Go faster, Mama!
Me: I can't, Emma. If I go too fast, I'll get in trouble.
Emma: In trouble?
Me: Yes. The police say I have to go slow here. No speeding!
Emma: No speeding, Mama! Where the police officer? (I was surprised she knew to say police officer!)
Me: Well, they're just driving around. Maybe we'll see one.
Emma: I look for the police officer. (She held her hands around her eyes like binoculors.) Nope!... Nope!... Nope!... Nope!...Nope!... Go faster, Mama!

- - - - -

It's soooo fun that Emma is talking more and more. I still can't believe it. Just two or three months ago she really wasn't saying much. A few words here and there, maybe two-word sentences... but now! It seems like it happened overnight and now she's a little chatterbox. We have the funniest conversations every day. I can't even remember all that I think I won't forget - I need to write it down constantly. I just couldn't wait for this day! It's so fun. I just wish she could stay two forever... minus the temper tantrums, the not listening, the frequent reprimanding... you know, just the cute parts. :)


  1. Oh my goodness - she is so adorable!! You MUST write these down more often. I am cracking up!

  2. AWWWW!

    That was just too cute to read Angie! I love it! She is becoming such a girl!

  3. Those just put such a smile on my face. I love the police officer one and the mooing one! Isn't this stage so much fun! I agree -- I wish we could keep all the cute parts. I'm always asking Savannah to stay 3 years old forever. *sniff*

  4. Laughing my butt off over here! She's so cute.
    I hear you on the suddenly talking! Gray has suddenly expanded his vocab to all kinds of things! I can't believe I used to worry so much about his lack of talking...he's more than made up for it in the past months. And it's FUNNY stuff, as you know from your own experience! :D :D :D


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