Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Garage Sales are fun

I was down at my folks' house over the weekend helping with the first garage sale of the season. I say the "first" because my mom claims she wants to have at least 4 or 5. Riiiight. We'll see about that.

The truth is, I love HAVING garage sales way more than I like going to them. I think it's so fun and interesting. First, even though we wake up feeling sooo tired, it's just so fun getting ready for it the night before. For whatever reason, my sisters and mom and I think everything is funny, and really, there isn't anything much funnier than finding things to put in a garage sale. With us, anyway. Most people probably don't think it's funny, but somehow, it's a regular comedy routine on garage sale eve. Ohhh the stories I could tell... and maybe I will.

But mostly, I love watching who buys what. I always feel just a tad guilty selling my junk to others. I don't want it, so why would someone else? We made fun of Amy's Christmas cactus hand towels, and wouldn't you know it... the first sale of the day! That old man thought they were pretty stinkin' cool. I made fun of Abby for selling half used bottles of bubble bath and shower gel... that stuff sold like hotcakes! I always wonder if these people are desperate for this stuff and they find it for so cheap they can't resist, or if they can't afford it unless they find it at a garage sale, or if they just love a good bargain... or what?! I don't get it. We had PILES of old, outdated, gently used clothes and I can't believe it sold so well.

I just love watching all of the people at garage sales. I love watching them "hunt" for things. I love bargaining with them for the good price. (Really, they feel so much better when they get something for 25 cents rather than 50 cents.) I love watching couples interact. (The fact that women can get their husbands to go garage saling with them impresses me. Gary would rather... do just about anything!) I love watching my mom trying to communicate with the Spanish-speaking customers. Now THERE'S a good laugh!

I loved every second. :)

My mom suggested having the next one on my birthday. C'mon, mom. I don't love them THAT much. On second thought...

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