Saturday, November 17, 2012

Because Saturdays Should Be Fun

In an effort to make Saturdays fun again, we've made a big decision at our house.

It is with great excitement and reservation, that I am here to publicly announce that...

We are K-State football fans.

But hold on to your horns, Buff fans!  We are not giving up on our beloved team.  We have always been, and will always be Buffaloes.  Should the Buffaloes and Wildcats ever face each other again, we will be cheering for our Alma Mater.  We are not fairweather fans, we just need another team to get excited about. K-State is our Plan B.

But seriously, you guys.  Waking up on Saturday mornings is accompanied by a sense of dread when we turn on College Gameday.  There is never any mention of "our" team.  The College Gameday crew will never congregate at Folsom Field.  Lee Corso is never going to don Chip's head.  Poor Buffs.

And so we had to take drastic measures.  We need a team to cheer for that might actually win.  It would just make weekends a little bit better.  After careful consideration, K-State was the obvious choice.  And yes, it's EASY to pick the #1 team right now.  But there are other, bigger reasons.

Reasons Why We Picked Kansas State:

  1. We've spent a lot of time in Kansas.  A detailed tally determined that Kansas is the state we've spent the 3rd most amount of time in as a married couple.  98.3% of that was in a tent not far from Manhattan.
  2. Bill Snyder is a family friend.  No big deal.
  3. Being Colorado Rockies fans, we already have a lot of purple in our closet!  Hooray!
  4. My friend Brooke is a Wildcat and taught me how to say "Go Cats!!!"  Gary and I already cheered for K-State from a hotel room last weekend with Brooke and some other K-State friends.
  5. Our buddy Jack McDonald ran track for K-State and bleeds purple.
  6. Kansas isn't Nebraska.
  7. Manhattan is within driving distance to see a game.
  8. We love K-State's prayer chapel.  We've taken many a nap there because it's air-conditioned (see #1).
  9. My friend Jenn is a professor at K-State and she let my kids do cool experiments in her lab a few summers ago.  That was SO fun!
  10. The Buffs still have a winning record (12-6-1) over K-State under Bill Snyder, which helps to justify cheering on the Cats.  So we can still cheer, GO BUFFS!  
See?  Those are all very valid and well thought out reasons, don't you think?  Sorry, Buffs.  But you're killing us.

We need sweatshirts or t-shirts to make this official.  So if anyone has a good reason why this team allegiance shouldn't happen, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.

GO CATS!  (okay, that hurt a little bit.)


  1. seems reasonable and well thought out

  2. Angie, number one and number 5 seriously gave me chills. Happy the kind you get when your brain goes to another place and reminisces. Thanks for the reminder as to why Thomas and I should both hop on the bandwagon as well. When should we road trip it to a game???

  3. We have one agreement in this blog. . the buffaloes are indeed killing you guys :)

    Go KSU!

  4. Did you know Steve went to K-State? Could that be another reason to like the Cats?

  5. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Cam is currently wearing his K-state shirt (3rd day in a row. I guess somebody got the memo.

  6. My favorite is reason #6. Old rivalries will NEVER die! ;)

  7. oh Angie, so sorry. We are Baylor fans in this household :)

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