Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Our Most Expensive Toy

Any guesses how much this little yo-yo costs?  Maybe this will help you:  it's the first thing Emma ever bought with her very own money.

Here's another clue:

The plumber was here this afternoon, fixing the toilet that's been clogged since yesterday.  We immediately interrogated Brody, who denied that he or his toys had any part of the cloggeration.  We plunged that thing to death with no luck, so we had to call the big guns.  Brody waited by the door, so excited to see all his tools.

After draining it, he showed me on his magical plumber camera, that indeed, a toy was clogging the toilet.  I sort of thought that might be the case.  He put on some gloves and reached up there to try to get it.  After having no luck, I suggested that I could try, since my hands are smaller.  He looked at me incredulously and said that if I was serious he could give me gloves, but that it was up there pretty far.

Was I serious?  

Heck yes, I was serious!  Nothing grosses me out.  Little did he know I'd removed a floater from the toilet just minutes before his arrival.  Little does he know how many bottoms I wipe every day. Little does he know about those aquadumps that seem to happen every Sunday morning during bathtime.  He either thinks I'm totally disgusting or totally rad now.

But I decided that if he said it was up there pretty far, I probably couldn't get it either, no matter how petite and delicate my hands are.

A little more work later...

...and out came Emma's beloved yo-yo.  Brody said he didn't do it.  He said Chloe did it.... but admitted that he flushed it.  Hooray for teamwork.

As he pulled the yo-yo out, the plumber laughed and said, "I doubt you want this anymore..." but just as he was about to toss it, I lunged forward exclaiming, "ACTUALLY...!"

His wife must not be a blogger.

Anyway, that yo-yo?  $328.46.

To put that in perspective, that would buy about 90 pints of Ben & Jerry's.  And thus begins my diet.  *sigh*


  1. Life is full of surprises and your perspective makes me smile.

  2. Sounds like Brody and Chloe are going to make quite a pair!!

  3. 90 pints of Ben & Jerry's?!? Brody better pay up :)

  4. 90 pints of Ben & Jerry's?!? Brody better pay up :)

  5. 90 pints of Ben & Jerry's?!? Brody better pay up :)

  6. You always make me laugh when I stop to read your blog :D

  7. This is one of the funniest stories I have ever read. Of course, if it had happened in my house, I would probably not be laughing. Thanks for letting all of us get a good laugh at your expense. (Literally).

  8. Hi cousin! I’m awarding your blog with The Liebster Blog Award! Congratulations! You deserve it! Here is the link to see the post in which your blog has been featured!

    Hugs to you, sweet cousin!

    - Alicia

  9. Hilarious! Great job. I loved the part about, "his wife must not be a blogger." so true!!

  10. That yoyo you pulled out from your toilet costs over 300 bucks?? Are you kidding me? Haha! Thank goodness the plumber came to the rescue. But you are a tough and amazing mother for doing all these things, from the plumbing issues to taking care of your children. That is truly admirable! Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Nougat Crunch is my favorite!

    Carina Menendez

    1. Carina! No, no, no. Ha ha! The yoyo was a cheap little 25¢ toy from a gumball machine. The cost for the plumber to retrieve it was over $300! Ha ha! I'd never buy my kids ANY toy that cost that much!


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