Friday, January 06, 2012

When One Pin Leads To Another

When I joined Pinterest, one of the first things I pinned was a delicious, cheesy chicken enchilada dish.  In fact, it looked so yummy that I pinned it again a few weeks later without realizing it.  It's on my "Oh My Yumminess" board twice.  Here's the picture and link to the recipe:  White Chicken Enchiladas.  

Anyway, I made it last night!  
I thought it was really yummy, although I might add more green chiles next time.  Gary thought it was just okay.  Chloe devoured it.  

Emma loved it:

And Brody loved it too:

Addie... not so much:

She did NOT like it, and made it quite clear to us.  In our house, you eat what's served, or you don't eat.  No alternatives, not even PB&J as a back up.  

So we compromised, which is when Pinterest came to the rescue.  I had seen this idea about a month ago:


The number on the dice is the number of bites you take.  Easy.  

And so we got the die (lucky for her we could only find one) and she rolled her fate.  

And when she wasn't happy with that, she rolled again.

And again until she got the ONE.  And that's when Gary and I made the decision to add all of the numbers up and told her she needed to take EIGHT bites before being finished.

I chose not to take a picture of the ensuing melt-down.

Speaking of Pinterest... need an invite?  Give me your email address and I'll send you one!  Also, you can follow my boards here!


  1. Love it all Angie!! Blessings to you! Oh and I just joined Pinterest but thanks for the invite anyway :)

  2. I will have to try this recipe- we are working through kids being picky eaters too. Not fun! And Emma? Cannot believe how much she looks like you!

  3. Oh, I love the dice idea. I have to do that. I don't make separate meals either. And, I get really upset if I've spent a long time in the kitchen and then set the plates down in front of my kids and they turn their noses up. Kills me.

  4. hey there! the enchiladas look yummy. :) i have intentionally not joined pinterest because i'm scared it will be too tempting to spend way too much time on there. fb is my "time sucker" and i'm quite fearful to bring on another........what do you think? do you struggle with this at all, angie? (or anyone?) does anyone have any suggestions on how i can balance fb and pinterest? also, i like the dice idea. we don't do alternative meals either and for our picky eater cooper, dinnertime hasn't been particularly pleasant over the last few years. HOWEVER.......he's finally trying new things and that is making us so happy!

  5. I am with Rebecca. How much time does it take up? I already feel like I am on the computer too much!


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