Friday, January 09, 2009

Picture this...

So I've been told by various top-secret sources that they're sick of seeing that awful truck from my last post. Me too, people. Me too. And for those who asked, that truck just sits there. It's not a visitor who appears once in awhile with their lovely decorations. No, instead I get to see that jolly jalopy every time I step on to my driveway. It's January 9th... and I'm curious when they'll un-deck their halls, er, vehicles.

Moving from one amusing picture to another, you're not going to believe these next pictures. It's been BEYOND windy here lately, with gusts reaching 60-70 mph! We're talking fences knocked down, furniture broken, windows blown out and small dogs being blown to Kansas. (One of those isn't true.)

I live in a subdivision that is in the middle of nowhere. I love it, even if my mom thinks it's a serious road trip to go to the grocery store which is 7 minutes away. The mall is 20-25 minutes away, so we usually have to make a bathroom stop along the way. Okay, not really. We're surrounded by greenbelts and paths and farms. I love it! Someday we'll have more civilization around us, but for now, it's the country.

The other day I was driving down the road and chuckled when I had to stop to let a herd of tumbleweeds cross. Seriously! Those suckers will scratch up your car. I was with my mother-in-law and we joked that there needed to be a "Tumbleweed Crossing" sign on that section of the road.

The really bad part is that if you back up to a greenbelt, and there's a really windy day, you get tumbleweeds. Lots and lots of tumbleweeds...

Can you believe that? We drove by after these were taken and saw a garbage truck backed up to the house just piling them in. Oh, and this house is just one of about half a dozen that were just as bad. Amazing. This is just up the street from my house, and made me glad - for the first time - that I don't back up to the greenbelt!

**I grabbed these pictures off of Facebook. They were taken by a student in Gary's group. **


  1. That is too funny! Can you imagine what they thought when they looked out the front windows for the first time as it's suddenly getting darker and darker inside the house? I'll take tumbleweeds over that truck any day. Well maybe. The truck IS easier to move, if it would that is. Just the tumbleweeds could find their way onto that truck next time. It could happen. :) JK, JK, JK

  2. That's hilarious! I do love tumbleweeds in small amounts, though. After our last trip through New Mexico in the bad snowstorm, tumbleweeds were NOT MY FRIENDS!

    By the way, Tabor has started singing, "Oh-oh, Noah is a dufus in our neighborhood, in our neighborhood, in our neighborhood OH-OHH, etc..etc..etc..."

    Did you see my post that I posted JUST for you? It was the first of January, I think.

    Have a secure and stable weekend with no houses flying like the Wizard of Oz!


  3. Wowser! That is incredible!

  4. Wow! It really amazes me, because I've never seen a tumbleweed IRL.

  5. Funny. It would have been even more amusing had they left their garage door open during the wind storms.

  6. I can definitely trust you to come up with a funny entry, Angie. Yeah, it was a long wait between that entry on that truck and this one. But it's worth it! You have an interesting situation with the winds, I see. Well, good luck with those! Your housing estate looks nice by the way (:

  7. That is sooo funny!! Hahahaha! I would have loved to see that in real life....and what a surprise for them!

  8. That's amazing. :-O
    I had never seen a tumbleweed until we took a trip to visit my brother who was stationed in Oklahoma in 1989. I couldn't believe I was seeing real live tumbleweeds!
    I haven't seen one since.

  9. HOLY STINK! I have never in all my days seen something like that, Angie. I will NOT be sending this to my parents or my sister, who are planning to move to your fair state next summer. It might do my Mom in. Let's focus on the mountains and the snow, shall we?

  10. That's amazing!!! You just provided tonight's entertainment for the whole call center night shift, by the way.

    That picture looks like it's only that house one house that was hit. Are you sure there weren't just some neighborhood kids who thought it'd be a funny joke to gather every tumble weed in sight and pile it there at 2:00am?

  11. So funny, Angie!

    I laughed out loud at jolly jalopy.

    The day we drove to Arkansas for Christmas, the crosswinds were 45mph and there were tumbleweeds EVERYWHERE. John and I were laughing because we felt like we were in a real life video game trying to dodge them.

  12. Are you sure it wasn't a prank? How would the tumbleweeds land in the front yard if they back u p to a greenbelt? Wouldn't they be in the backyard? I don't think this is for real.

  13. That is pretty funny. Imagine trying to go out the front door and finding a "wall" of tumbleweeds. But on the plus least there is not snow on the ground :-)

  14. Oh. My. Word.

    I would hate to clean that up. Those little buggers have thorns. They are going to have a miserable time with weeds in the spring. Nasty, hateful plant that tumbleweed. I am so glad you do not back to a greenbelt too.

  15. Oh my! I've never seen such a thing. My first thought was HOW in the world to you dispose of those! What a funny thing to happen. If you're not the homeowner...


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