Saturday, November 08, 2008

Farewell, Fall.

I love fall. I love fall so much that when it starts, I'm already sad because I know it will end too soon. And even though fall is officially still here for another six weeks or so, fall is quickly being replaced by chillier winds and bare trees. I think there are only a few more days to squeeze out of the fall I know and love, before winter is escorted in for the next few months.

Yesterday I saw the last leaf fall from a tree on my way to pick up Emma from preschool. THE last leaf, perched at the very top of a tree. I happened to be looking at it as I stopped at a stop sign, and as I watched it... whoosh! It floated away. It sounds silly, but I felt strangely honored that God would let me watch it. There was no one else around; it was like our little secret.

Gary had yesterday off from work and raked up all of the leaves in our yard, which I was thankful for, but also a little sad that the evidence of such a beautiful fall was being discarded. *sigh* I guess fall can't last forever, and if it did, I wouldn't appreciate it so much!

Anyway, I'm feeling a little glum today (that's a shout-out to you, Mer) knowing all of our fall fun is over. All of the pumpkin carving, pumpkin patching, pile of leaves jumping, autumn trail walking, apple cider drinking, crazy Halloweening, fall picture taking is pretty much over for another year. I look forward to Thanksgiving as our last fall "hurrah" but until then... here is a pictorial tribute to Fall 2008! (And unbelievably, this is just a TINY fraction of the pictures I took in the last month. Truly. I am out of space on my hard drive.)

A bonus Fall Haiku for all of you troopers who made it to the end!

I love, love, love fall.
I love, love, love, love, love fall.
I really love fall.


  1. Wow...that's one heck of a haiku, there! ;) Your little ones are so cute!!

  2. I loved all the pictures. :) I can see why you're out of space with such beautiful subjects to photograph!

    Btw, your's fabulous. You should write them more often. LOL

  3. Such cute pictures! I love fall, too but I'm really excited about Christmas this year so I'm kindof ready for Fall to be over. I don't know why. I guess I get into decorating for Christmas more than Fall...

    We have one lone leaf on the top of our tree in the back. I've been waiting for it to fall. I'll let you know if I see it happen!

  4. I always LOVE your fall pictures! It's sad it's such a short season there isn't it? I'm glad you are cherishing it while you can. And.....I can't believe Brody is 3 months old now! Whoa!!!

  5. I didn't realize fall had even started! LOL I love the haiku - brilliant! ha ha Your kids are just beautiful, as always!

  6. Sigh.

    I feel the same way. I'm never ready for fall to be over. Yet, like you, I suspect part of the season's allure is its briefness. "Nothing gold can stay" and all that jazz.

    Beautiful pictures, Angie. I've taken a TON the last few months as well. I tell myself it's OK, because the picture taking seriously lags in February and March, Months of The Blah and Gray.

    I'm saving my haiku for then.

  7. I love, love, love, love all your pictures.

  8. Nice haiku ;)

    Haven't seen you around on Facebook for sometime...

  9. I always love looking at pics of your beautiful family. My favorite one is Brody laying in the leaves in that *adorable* striped outfit...and Emma in the aspen tree. So cute.

    I love fall too, and you're doesn't last long enough in these parts!

    Enjoy your weekend...and try not to feel to glum, 'kay?

  10. Emma's already starting with the senior pictures... I LOVE it! :)

    I love, love, fall too!
    So many colors this year.
    But now the rain's here. :(

  11. Angie you are such a talented writer! That Haiku moved my soul :)

  12. Now I don't feel so dorky for taking all those pictures of leaves myself :-) I can tell Steven that I know someone else who does it!! Great fall pics BTW. And Addie looks really cute in her 'Tinklebell' costume :-)

  13. First of all--I think you should get into photography, you have a really good eye for great photos...second don't be too sad, now you have Christmas to look forward to (my personal fav)

  14. Wow, those are some gorgeous pictures Angie! (The one of Emma jumping into the leaves looks a little scary though)

    I, too, and so sad to see fall fading away. I suppose the only thing that makes it bearable for me is that I love winter almost as much. That poem is fanastic, you could really be a published Haikuist (is that a word?)

  15. Angie...what in this world do you mean you don't know anything about taking pictures?!?! Those are WONDERFUL!!

  16. I heart fall! And your beautiful pictures. Your lone leaf story made me think of those comics in the Sunday paper about the leaves... I hope you know what I am talking about because I am drawing a blank on the name of the strip. Grrr... Mommy brain


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