Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When NOT to go grocery shopping

The other morning I woke up grouchy and unmotivated, and unfortunately the girls woke up with the same shortcomings. I suppose I should have gotten us all up and out the door to change our moods, but instead we hung out here at home, our moods festering.

By the time lunchtime came and I realized I hadn't yet gone to the store to get more bread, things were not pretty. Now I was grouchy (although, a little less grouchy), unmotivated and hungry. So when we should have been eating lunch, we piled into the car to get bread and lunch meat. So much for planning ahead!

With two girls in tow and three empty stomachs we arrived at the store and I was determined to make it a quick trip.

Is it ever a quick trip when shopping with little kids? Come to think of it, is anything quick with little kids?


We made our way through produce, shouting the names of fruits and veggies over our growling stomachs and headed to the deli.

And, oh yeah, we might have picked up a few things along the way.

At check out, my growling stomach turned as I unloaded the cart. Pringles. Oreos. Twizzlers. Ice cream. Popsicles. Dr. Pepper.

Oh yeah, and bread and lunch meat.

I turned to Addie and said, "Wow! We sure got a lot of junk today!"

The lady behind us smiled and said, "Don't feel bad - with two kids along, you're lucky to get out of here at all!"

I laughed, "Well, they say never to go shopping when you're hungry, and we're all starving!"

"Oh!" the lady exclaimed. "It can't get much worse, can it?!"

At this point, I stepped out from behind the cart and pointed at my ever-expanding tummy and said, "Yep! I'm pregnant!"

She howled with laughter and said, "Oh no! You never had a chance!!!"

No lady, I didn't. And the Oreo crumbs around my mouth at 8:00 this morning proved it.


  1. How many times must I always remind myself to not shop on an empty stomache. I've been there!

  2. Oh my goodness! I can totally picture that. heehee! I feel for you.

  3. Somehow when shopping with kids, I always end up with WAY more stuff than is on my list.

    Your "junk food fest" sounds yummy.

    I hope you're planning to come to Joanne's house in June!!! Are you?

  4. #1 rule - don't shop on an empty stomach
    #2 rule - don't shop with the kids
    #3 rule - don't shop with your kids when they have an empty stomach.
    Don't worry - we have all broken all of these rules at some point. As a mom, there just really is no way around it. And I always thought Oreos were a staple food - not junk food :-)

  5. I'd say that woman had a GREAT sense of humor.

  6. I call my MIL by her first name. She introduced herself that way the first time I met her and it just stook :)

  7. Oh, I have been there and while pregnant as well. Not good. Not good at all.

  8. I went shopping on a Monday afternoon, with 3 kids, after being a pool party all day, hungry, need I say more. My husband was not a happy camper when I told him what the bill was, yikes!!!

  9. I want to come over & snack at your house! Sounds great...

  10. Oh yeah, that's dangerous. I always regret buying some of the things I get just because I'm hungry in the store!

  11. What are you talking about junk, you have all the food groups there!
    Pringles- vegi
    Oreos- grain (there has to be some flour in there)
    Ice Cream- Dairy (very important when you are prego)
    Dr.Pepper- Made with some Prunes right! Fruit
    Twizzlers- ummmm well you need some sugar right
    Popsicles- Fruit Juice

    You are eating a well balanced diet!

  12. Three cheers for Oreos at 8:00 AM. PS--I'm going down to the car right now to hop in it and see you. Yay! Double yay if you catch the ESP waves I'm sending you to "bring the oreos."

  13. okay...I'll have to agree with Sarah...sounds like a PERFECT shopping trip! (They only get better with 3 in tow...have fun!!)

  14. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope you are feeling okay!


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