Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring at last!

Today was a good day! Spring has sprung, and I can even see some green little buds on the tree next door when I peer over the fence. Hooray! Emma and I played Chutes and Ladders out on the deck today under the umbrella. It was so relaxing. What a sweet time to spend with her, even if she's confused and wants to go down all the slides in the game. LOL! It does seem backwards, though, doesn't it? Why would the reward be to go UP a ladder and the punishment to go DOWN a slide? :)

Tomorrow my parents are coming up to help with "Operation Purple Bathroom" to undo the 'surprise' Gary left for me a year ago. When we talked about a purple bathroom, we apparently had two different ideas in mind. With him coming home on Friday... I thought I'd take this opportunity to redo it. Hope he's not too mad! Right now it's a very high-gloss (yikes) dark, vibrant purple. Tomorrow by this time it will be a soothing greenish-gray shade of "Manatee Grey". Ahhhh... can't wait.

So I'm a little early for Thursday's challenge, but here goes!
Challenge: Do you have a special place/places in your home, where you consider it to be your sanctuary?? You know what I mean, that special place FOR YOU, where you feel cuddled, loved, warm and fuzzy, and at peace?
It would have to be Emma's room. We took so much time to make it just right. Despite so many late nights nursing, calming crying babies and changing stinky diapers, this room is so restful and precious to me. I think it's because I've spent so much time in there with my precious babies, living my dream come true. I can sit in there where it's quiet and smells like my girls (in a good way!) and feel so relaxed and full. Not to mention it's so BEAUTIFUL! I dreamed it up and Gary made it happen. What a team.


  1. lovely is beautiful!!!!!

  2. you are so right... it's calming and so beautiful.. love the yellow and pinks together... such a wonderful color combo.. reminds me of the new daisy ds baby paper line.. lol

  3. What a sweet room, I can see why you feel cozy in there. :)

  4. seeing the photos you can tell why it's your special place--- you right you guys did make a great team!

  5. Awww...what a great girly space. So calm and relaxing. How sweet!

  6. That room is gorgeous!!! What an amazing job you did!


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