Friday, February 17, 2006

And then there was naptime...

Emma's new nickname: Boomerang.

Maybe naptime in the big girl bed isn't such a great idea. I lost track of how many times I put Emma back in her room after various visits to both mine and Addie's rooms. "Hi!" she would exclaim, as if I would be thrilled to see her at my door. Back she'd go, and the routine would start over again. "No, you can't have your beads (necklace) in bed with you. Yes, you can have your nightlight on. No, I don't know where your baby's hat is. Yes, Addie is sleeping. No, you can't stand on your bed..." And so it goes...

But then tonight she went down peacefully, and at my last bed check, she was zonked. And Addie went down without a peep. And Gary also went down without a fight. :) And the house is quiet.

I'm helping out in a tax office again this year - I'll be popping into help a couple dozen times between now and April 15th. It's painfully dry and boring, but the money is good and we sure can use it right now. Since we can work it that Gary stays home on the days I work for a few hours here and there, I'm okay with it. I was sad being away from them today, although I admit the break is nice. And I'm also glad to share my day-in and day-outs with Gary. It's good for him to know what it's like. :)

Tomorrow Gary's given me the day to go SCRAPBOOKING! Woo-hoo!!! I cannot wait. He's brave to do this two days in a row since he had the girls for about 5 hours today while I worked. Thankfully they were great for him; I hope tomorrow is the same. My sisters are meeting me at the scrapbook store, so I'm fully prepared to get nothing accomplished! Ha! I have a lot of LOs that are unfinished, so I'm hoping to at least finish up those loose ends and start some new pages I've got brewing in my brain. I'm sooooo excited!

Okay... I haven't done one of these before, but I'm going to do one of the challenges from the Scrapbooking message board I'm addicted to - 2Peas! Here goes...

Random challenge for Friday - list some fun facts about yourself.
- I have a freckle (or a mole?) right on the very tip of my nose. Perfectly centered.
- I love stale marshmallows.
- I'm afraid to stand on the drain in the shower.
- I love to make up words.
- I vowed to go to bed at 10:30 tonight and here it is... 11:53. Good night!

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  1. LOL at making up words. Thanks for playing! I've posted on the thread about how to add a link on your signature. I also posted another thread for Saturday bloggers so maybe you could link it there then the girls could see it tomorrow...



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