Thursday, January 12, 2006

Take Two

I just started over. I had this whole thing written and then thought, "This is lame!" Seriously... who wants a play by play of my day? Not even I do! So enough of that... I'm just going to write some random thoughts.

Emma's favorite new phrase: "Wight Dare" - that's "Right There" for those unfamiliar with Emma-speak. She doesn't talk a lot still, but she's talking more every day. Today I heard "wight dare" a million times. The chicken nugget goes "wight dare"... her shoes go "wight dare"... Addie should go "wight dare"... the puzzle piece goes "wight dare"... I love it.

She came downstairs yesterday morning and saw Gary's big book on the table that he left behind and didn't take to class. She said, "Oh no!" She lugged this big, heavy book to the front door yelling, "Daddy! Wait! Daddy! Wait!" The day before it was his shoes - "Daddy! Wait! Shoes!" (This hours after he'd left.) Oh, sweet Emma! I just had to scoop her up and hug her.

Oh! Proud moment of the YEAR... Yesterday morning I got Emma settled in at the table for breakfast and ran upstairs to get Addie who was crying. I came back down and sat on the couch to nurse Addie when I looked over at the table and noticed Emma hadn't begun eating yet. She said, "Mommy, sit!" and I told her I would come over and eat in a minute. At that point she folded her hands, bowed her head and said something only she and God will ever understand, followed by "May-men." My heart just soared!

One last thought: As I got dressed this morning, I looked at my ho-hum closet and REALLY wish I could afford to do a whole wardrobe makeover - everything either looks the same or is old and out of style. So I threw on my old jeans (no complaint there) and half-zip fleece. My tennies completed my ensemble. Blah. And then it dawned on me that this was the outfit I was wearing about two years ago when I went out for a day of errands. I only remember because I went into the Gap that day and a lady who worked there looked me up and down and said, "Oh honey, you really should get some new clothes. You're a new mom but you don't have to dress like one." SHEESH! Feeling bad enough about myself that day, she pressured me into getting a Gap credit card (doh!), along with a few items I shouldn't have afforded (and later returned). I left the store that day in tears, determined to call Gap to complain and cancel the card. I laughed this morning when I remembered that. Oh, those first fragile weeks of motherhood. So then today... I walk into the Gap. This all-too-familiar voice from behind me says, "I see it's time to freshen up your wardrobe... can I help you find something?" EEE-GADS! It was her. I knew I should've called...

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  1. I found you!! I clicked on your name where you commented at Cam's. : )

    I can't believe that vulture is still working at The crazy that you ran into her again. I hope you gave her a piece of your mind. You could have acted like you were having some kind of post-traumatic stress reaction to her voice...babbling something about how your life will never be the same since you caved to the credit card she pushed on you that day two years ago. hehe :P


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