Thursday, March 04, 2010

The least of these...

Today I haven't been able to stop thinking about a group of bloggers who are halfway across the world in Kenya, traveling with Compassion International. The stories and pictures coming from their trip are AWESOME.

I've been following the blogs of two of the women for a couple of years now, so it's fun to feel like I "know" someone on the trip. But actually, I DO! One of our really great friends is on the trip as well. LV is an old friend of Gary's from college (LV accuses me of "kicking him out" since he was Gary's roommate before I was), and now he's like family. He IS family. Our girls adore him - and that's putting it lightly.

As an aside, you should know that LV has brainwashed Emma and Addie to believe that they actually have a silent "LV" in the middle of their names, leading Emma to sometimes spell her name "EMLVMA." Thanks, LV. Like phonics isn't hard enough.

LV was recruited to be part of the trip and has been posting his updates along with the other bloggers. Today's post was so touching - he got to meet "his" Compassion child - go check it out! And there's a picture of LV's big white hand intertwined with Michael's that is just beautiful.

Don't just stop at LV's blog. Be sure to visit the blogs of all the Compassion bloggers and leaders. Their blogs can be found here. Each are full of stories and pictures of the trip, all evidencing how Compassion is changing millions of precious lives around the world. "A picture" from MckMama/Jennifer is beautiful - tons of touching pictures.

Gary and I started sponsoring a chid in Haiti through Compassion shortly after we got married. Pierre Jonathan was 11 when we started his sponsorship, and we watched him grow and thrive until he graduated from the Compassion program last year when he turned 20.

Receiving letters from him over the years, hearing how Compassion had touched his life, touched ours. His letters were a constant reminder of how much we have and how blessed we are... and how it's our responsibility to be a blessing to others.

After Pierre Jonathan graduated, we started sponsoring a sweet five year old girl named Rasmita from India. Just recently, her family moved out of Compassion's project area. So sadly, we are no longer sponsoring her. I was looking forward to watching her growth, and watching a smile spread across her pictures as years went by. I still pray for her when I pass her picture on our fridge.

Now we have a new little girl from India, named Ankuri. She will be 12 this year.

Do you sponsor a child through Compassion? It only costs $38 a month to sponsor a child and meet their needs. Maybe that's just a few less coffees each month, or fewer iTunes downloads, or one less dinner out. There are thousands of children waiting for a sponsor. Be a blessing to a child today! Someone out there needs YOU.


  1. Great post, Angie !!! My sister just turned me to a blog of someone on this trip too ... but I didn't see her listed on that list. Weird ... Anyway, very cool !

  2. I think you pushed me over the edge today...something we have been thinking about, but haven't taken action on yet...I think today is the day.

  3. I had all these plans of what I was going to get done tonight on my night off, and you've completely side tracked me with your links. I've been reading Compassion blogs for like an hour!

    Thanks for sharing! Such a great reminder to be praying for people around the world in need, and those that are personally stepping out to help meet those needs. A much-needed perspective check too :)

  4. I just blogged about this also. All weekend I have been obsessed with reading about their time in Kenya. Absolutely amazing. I would LOVE to go meet our sponsor child one day.
    P.S. Are you tripping out that LV is with Mckmama? I am! haha!


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