Friday, March 19, 2010

Books we love

Allison at O My Family is highlighting some of their very most favorite kids books this week, and I thought I'd join in the fun with a post about a few of our favorites!

I think this first one, I Know a Rhino, was given to us as a gift when Emma was a baby, although I can't fully remember. I just know I loved it immediately. It's so whimsical and imaginative, and I'm a sucker for cute illustrations. We've read this book a thousand times to our kids and they all eat it up. Emma was convinced when she was little that the little girl in the story was actually her.
This book has been well loved by our teething babies.
I loved it so much that I sought out other books by this author, Charles Fuge, and found My Dad. (Oh whoops! My hair snuck into this picture and I didn't notice until now... sorry 'bout that.)
I was not disappointed! The kids love this one too, especially the big build up to the end.
I found a couple more books illustrated by Charles Fuge, although not written by him - I Love It When You Smile and Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball. But I couldn't resist. The illustrations are adorable as always, but the stories are just as cute! And Fuge does something really fun, maybe as his trademark, that makes for a special treat in the books he illustrates. But you'll have to read one of his books to find out for yourself!
What are some of your favorites? Allison has posted a McLinky to other fun book posts where you can link up and share yours. Go there now to read about other good reads!


  1. MMMMmm, cardboard :). OBaby loves himself some book corner, too. I've never heard of I know a Rhino! I'll have to check it out!

    Thanks so much for posting and for being a faithful reader! I love to see your comments and your blog is adorable (especially the name).

  2. Oooh, we love "I Know A Rhino"!! I've never seen anyone else with it. I bought it for Gray years ago at TJ Maxx, thinking he'd love it, and he sure did. We used to read that over & over. Des has recently gotten very into it, too. They both love(d) the little girl and the pictures. Especially the last page where she's asleep with her thumb in her mouth (G used to REALLY relate to
    The only page that I don't like is the ape page where it talks about a "tape" and pop songs- both are things my kids are clueless about. So I change it to "rock songs" and "cd". haha.

  3. I haven't heard any of the books you love. My favorite book is "Sheep in a Jeep." I learned it while I worked in the Toddler room in Kinder Care. I still have most of the book memorized . . .

  4. First of all....WOW!!! You are a blogging maniac lately! I hadn't been on here since we left for our trip and like I said...WOW!!!

    Emmaline received little wombat book as a gift while we were in Austraila. She loves it!!! His illustrations are wonderful. I am certainly going to look for more of his stuff.

  5. With 4 kids, age 9-15 months, I am so excited to find new books. I've never read I know a rhino!! Yay, I'll have to check it out!!

  6. Oooh! I'm excited to check out Charles Fuge. Thanks!

  7. oooh, what a fun post. Carboard is such a milestone type book. Getting "into" cardboard books and then getting "out of" them.
    It's a special time.
    My Goodnight Moon is well-loved.


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