Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Heirarchy

Disclaimer: It's okay if you laugh at this. I did!

A few weeks ago, our typical lunchtime banter turned from the morning's school-doings and wondering why spiders don't get stung when they eat bees caught in their webs (no seriously, we talked about that), to the order of things.

Specifically, the order of power in our family.

According to Emma.

"God is in charge of Daddy,
Daddy is in charge of Mommy,
Mommy is in charge of me,
I'm in charge of Addie,
Addie is in charge of Joshua,
Joshua is in charge of Brody,
and Brody is in charge of the new baby."

Addie's jaw dropped with her sandwich as she yelled, "WHAT?! That's not fair!"

(Oh, Addie. Let me tell you about "not fair.")

Emma just shrugged and said, "Well, that's how it goes."

Addie said, "But I'm in charge of Joshua? But he DIED!"

I sat there quietly amused by the conversation, eating my peanut butter and jelly and minding my own business. Did it ever occur to them that poor Brody apparently has no living person to take care of him, according to Emma's heriarchy? Or that, hello!, Daddy isn't really IN CHARGE of Mommy?

Or maybe that God is in charge of ALL of us?

Clearly we have some things to clear up about family heirarchy.


  1. My kids have had the same logical conversation. Funny how that makes it's way into all children's minds. Although, the other day, Sam told me that I'm the boss of Aaron. When I asked why he would say that, he said it was b/c I was always telling Dad what to do, and he always obeys. I debated for a bit on if I should clear that one up or let him think that to be true. :)

  2. I'm thinking you need to cue up the scene from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where the mother explains the relationship between the head and the neck. That will explain everything to Emma.

    (Poor Brody.)


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