Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 on the 10th

Ten Random Pictures from the Last Month

1. Valentines the girls made for their classmates:

2. My niece Kenzie at her 3rd birthday party:

3. Valentines Day flowers from Grandpa:

4. Flirting with Grandma:

5. Fake sleeping with Daddy:

6. Delivering Girl Scout cookies with my Daisy:

7. Fun with the headlamp:

8. Snuggling with big sis:

9. I need to redo my highlights. And get a haircut. BADLY.

10. Addie's learning how to ride a two-wheeler!

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  1. Love your list, Angie! I thought your hair looked really pretty in the picture. You have GREAT hair!

    Love you, friend!

  2. That hair photo made me laugh out LOUD. You are so funny.

    Let me know if Emma stays in Girl Scouts (Abbey stopped at Christmas break--and it's a LONG, COMPLICATED story) but I have a very cute Brownies t-shirt I'd love to pass on to her!

    And I probably tell you this all the time, but your kids are so stinkin' adorable. Love Brody's red hair!!! Especially love that you have one of every color. Wonder what color hair baby #4 will have?

  3. First, I bow to you that you have 3 young children and one on the way and are BLOGGING! Holla! :)

    Great pictures. Your little Daisy reminds me of when my 6th grader was in Daisies. Seems like yesterday...

    I'm with Holly...GREAT hair!

  4. yea, let's take bets on the hair color of baby #4. Hmmm....purple!

  5. How sweet that Granddad brought flowers!

  6. Love those valentines, what a great idea. And for keeping life real with the hair shot!! :)

  7. I like this 10 on the 10th. I always do 10 on 10 (which is similar to this theme) your hair always looks good! That is so fun Addie is learning how to ride a 2 wheeler! And, I also can't wait to find out the hair color of this baby. Hmmm...maybe it will have black hair! Claire had black hair when she was born & it has stayed really dark. It is crazy!


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