Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dust Shmust

I'm finished with morning sickness. I'm finished with my cold that dragged on and on.

So now that I'm feeling human again, it's high time to pick up some of the chores that have been neglected in the past few weeks (um, months).

Like dusting.

Just keepin' it real, folks.

My mom is probably flipping out right now if she's reading this. Yes, Mom. I'm showing the entire world wide web my dust! Aren't you proud? (I kind of wish I was there while she's reading this, probably more to revive her than to catch her reaction.)

To my credit, this particular collection of dust is up high where no one can see it.
I'm really NOT that bad about cleaning my house.

In fact, right now, you could practically eat off of my kitchen table!!!

(Wait... that should be the norm, huh?)

Tune in next time when I show you picture of the top of my fridge.

And if you're inspired to show off YOUR dust, leave a comment and let me know! :)

I mean, who wasn't inspired after reading this post?


  1. Maybe your mom will read this and just run up and clean your house for you?! :) Or pony up for a cleaning lady...? One can hope, right?

  2. How can you possibly have time to dust when you are making such cute Valentines...You don't even want to see my house...

  3. Just tell me those aren't hairs on there, and I'm fine.

  4. I love you Angie, you make me smile!
    and, HOORAY for no more morning sickness & for your cold being gone! yay!

  5. Hmm- If no one can see it- why are you cleaning it in the first place?

    I am going to be a terrible mom. I don't even clean that stuff now!

  6. Wait... you need an excuse to not dust? Ah man, now I have to add "Think of a reason for being non-productive" to my To Do List.


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