Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Florida Highlights

We got home last night from a week in Florida.
Yes, we were in Hawaii a few weeks ago.  We're spoiled!
This time, Gary was facilitating a conference for EFCA student ministry
pastors and leaders.  Along with a few other wives, I got to tag along!

Some Florida highlights:
 A spontaneous harmonica performance from a cute little old man
in MeMaw's BBQ restaurant.
(You've got to try their hushpuppies!)

 Lots of seashells.

Some dear friends:  Heather, Jessica & Heidi
(And Brooke.  Brooke!  You were never around when my camera was out!)
We spent countless hours confiding in and laughing with one another.

 The view from our room.

 A hilarious moment at Coldstone when I turned around after being the last 
to get my ice cream, only to find that my friends were mocking me 
What a fun husband I have to set that one up!  
(I still laugh thinking about it!)

Beautiful smiles! 

 And finally...
 YES!  THIS is the car we drove!!!!!
We were bracing ourselves for, well, worse.
We could hardly believe it.
Thanks to Gary's patience as he waited in a long line
and the fact that he didn't gripe with each snafu once he was at the counter,
the rental car company upgraded us for free to this Mustang convertible!  
He looks goooood driving a convertible!
What a fun way to cruise the coast.
We were pretty psyched. 
 I'll take a bad hair day any day if it means feeling the sun on my
shoulders while we drive!
Our view when we looked up.  :)
Not that we're ungrateful for the upgrade, but a word of advice:
NEVER use Payless Car Rental.  
And that's about all I'll say about that!

More tomorrow about one of these highlights...
It will leave you amazed.  No!  Shell shocked.

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