Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wiww {2}

Well, here we go! I'm posting pictures this week of three outfits I wore. Please remember:
  • This is in an effort to keep myself accountable to (trying to) shower every day and wear something other than sweats.
  • It's not because I like to see pictures of myself. I actually feel very self conscious doing this!
  • I forgot to take pictures on the other days. It's not because I went au naturel. Just so you know. In case you're dying to know what I wore, imagine this: jeans, tank, cardigan... repeat. :)

Dress: Old Navy
Cardi: Target
Boots: DSW
Flower Pin: I made it!
Baby: I made it!

Sweater, Tank & Scarf: Old Navy
Jeans: Eddie Bauer
Shoes: Dansko
Earrings: Forever 21 (They were $2 and my favorites!)

I was having issues deciding how to wear the scarf. I couldn't decide between tying it in front or the infinity style around my neck. I went back and forth throughout the day.

I decided against the mysterious head wrap/fringed cape scarf action.

Sheer tank: Target
Solid tank (under sheer tank): a nursing tank. It's old, and I'm sure you don't care where I got it.
Cardi: Old Navy
Leggings: WalMart
Boots: DSW
Necklace & earrings: Cookie Lee

When I got dressed in this to go to MOPS, I felt like it was a casual, comfy outfit. But now when I look at the picture, it looks kind of dressy. Is it the necklace? First I had on a scarf, but changed my mind at the last minute. I think I should've stuck with it. The sheer tank is maybe a little dressy, but the leggings dress it way down. Maybe it's just a weird combo? Usually I wear the tank and cardi with cuffed jeans. I think I'll stick with that plan.

So there you have it! I'm linking up with Lindsey over at the Pleated Poppy for this weekly WIWW extravaganza. Join us! It's fun! Yes, I feel silly doing it, but honestly, I look forward to everyone's WIWW posts. It's given me ideas about how to shop my closet and put new combinations of things together. And plus, it's more fun than not showering.

My favorite accessory was worn on my hip on Sunday, followed by Monday's earrings. What's your favorite accessory?


  1. I'm just so impressed that you took pics of yourself! And that you wear colors other than black and brown. I'm stuck in a HUGE rut.

    I have a question for you. My hair has grown out a lot and I like it but it's always getting in the way of my scarves. I like wearing them, but with the scarf + my hair I feel like I'm way too wide in the neck area. :) It looks normal and cute on you ever have that issue?

  2. You are so cute! And CLEAN ;) I've been watching this on Pleated Poppy, and I've decided I need to shop at Target and Old Navy more, cuz you all find some pretty cute stuff there! Shopping outing, anyone?!

  3. I just deleted a comment that I will have to email you (about myself) that is just too embarrassing to put on here.
    But- regardless- you look adorable! :)

  4. Ooh, Amber, I want to hear it! :-)

    Ang...I love your Sunday outfit...that dress/boot combo is great....and of course your hip accessory is the cutest. All your outfits this week have been so great, you are so stylish...and brave! My mom really wants me to try to wear the legging/long shirt/boot combo, and I just haven't gotten up the guts to do it. I would love to have more fun dressing myself, but I get too self conscious sometimes. Way to go getting your pictures out there! I'll look forward to more. :-)

  5. Oh Angie! I changed Blog reading formats and wondered where, oh where, had you gone?!!? Silly me...I entered it wrong. Of course it's been months since I've changed, and am now just trying to dig into the issue. Shoot! I've missed so much of you!! You're beautiful. We have GOT to get a shopping trip, like Michelle mentioned. I need y'all's sense of style to guide me. I'm self-conscious about trying new things too! And Amber...I NEED to know your story!

    Anyway, I have fixed my error and am back on the page...and happy about it! :)

  6. Love the dress and I think the leggings/sheer tank combo look great!

  7. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've got to say that I'm diggin' the mysterious head wrap/scarf. : )

  8. Ok seriously. You need to go have another kid. You are not messed up enough.
    Here are some pointers. Follow my lead :)


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