Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy Day Off

Happy President's Day to you!

According to Addie, the President needed a day off. So here we are.

Gary took the girls up skiing today for their second time. They're in lessons all day while he sits in the lodge and sips on hot chocolate and naps works, but I got a text from him that said he hadn't seen Emma since her first run. I imagine she's having a blast.

Addie loved it her first time, and I'm sure she's loving today too. Gary took a little video of their first lesson last month, and I die laughing at the part where she's waiting for her turn to go and drops to the ground and starts doing snow angels. People are standing all around her, but she's in her happy little snow angel world. I love that kid.

So I'm down here at home with Brody and Chloe, having a quiet, lazy day off. We've built block towers, read stories, played games, jumped on the trampoline, ate pizza for lunch, played dinosaurs and now Chloe is napping. Brody is out playing in the sandbox. He's a little obsessed with his hat and sunglasses lately.

Even if the glasses are constantly worn upside-down.

It's a gorgeous day today, even if it started off a little chilly. In fact, I have the windows open and the backdoor wide open letting the fresh air in. The only housefly I've seen in months managed to find his way inside my house, and I swear he's been fattening up all winter. The dude is HUGE! Annoying as he is, it's easy to be a little forgiving as he serves as one of the first signs that spring isn't far away. But I'll be getting the flyswatter as soon as I publish this post...

Kids eat free at Chili's tonight, so that's where we'll be!

How are you spending your day off?


  1. Hmm, kids eat free at Chili's? You might see the Silva family there tonight then.

  2. Marek is constantly wearing his sunglasses upside down too!! ...and we spent our day off in Aurora. The boys played while I quilted with my MIL!

  3. There is nothing cuter than a toddler with upside down sunglasses! My little one is definately in on that style!


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