Monday, June 28, 2010

Afternoon Snippets

I was just outside watering my flowers and doing a little gardening, when I tuned into the Barbie extravaganza taking place on the deck. (Yesterday I surprised the girls with a new Barbie doll for each of them (I've had them for about two summers now and with Daddy gone, it seemed like a fun time for a surprise), and they seem to go perfectly with the little Barbie pool that Grandma gave them for Christmas!) So they're happily playing on the deck with their new special things, even as I type this. But as I watered my flowers, I overheard their Barbies "talking." It went something like this:

Barbie #1: "Do you have anything you'd like to say?"
Barbie #2: "Yes. I love Jesus."
Barbie #1: "Do you have a Bible verse you'd like to share?"
Barbie #2: "I can't remember it."
Barbie #1: "Okay, hold your breath!"
Barbie #2 gets dunked underwater (full submission style) by Barbie #1
Barbie #1: "How do you like your new life in Christ?"
Barbie #2: "It's great!"
Repeat scenario for multiple Barbie dolls.

I'm thankful that the Barbies living in this house have no shame and are proud to proclaim their love for Jesus. Now maybe they could go put on a little clothes. Especially you, one-legged Ken.

- - -

I was too hot and tired and hungry to make lunch today, so I decided that we'd make smoothies for lunch today. I didn't expect it to go over very well, after all, the girls were "starving," but it was A HIT. Everyone loved them. How have I gone a whole month into summer break without making smoothies? This pregnant girl is hooked. I made several batches and experimented with different ingredients each time.

The girls were super stoked and thought it was awesome that smoothies were the WHOLE LUNCH. Wow. Have I been going overboard this whole time with balanced, healthy meals? They thought the best part was that they got to have them in "grown-up glasses" with straws. Simple pleasures, I guess.
I'm thinking this will be a familiar scene for the rest of the summer.

- - -

I planted marigolds this summer. Uhhh... WHY? It turns out I don't like them. They stink! Literally! And they're not all that pretty! I feel like they look dead half the time anyway. If you're a marigold lover, please share the love. I've been trying to dead-head them and love them, but I'm thinking this inaugural marigold season in my yard may also be their retirement season.
I like the color... but that's about it. Am I just pregnant and cranky? Well, yeah. That might be part of it. There was a short time in my life when I wanted to name one of my kids Marigold. That's definitely not the case anymore. (And it was because of Magic for Marigold, by L.M. Montgomery, in case you wondered.)

- - -

As I was watering my flowers, Emma came to me FREAKING out because a mosquito was on her arm. She wouldn't brush it off because she was afraid it would hurt. I brushed it off in a hurry, but it was too late. How do I know? Because when it landed on my arm a second later and I SLAPPED it to it's death, it was a red, bloody mess. At least it was Emma's blood.

Eww. At least I hope it was. She does have a bite now in that spot. But still. Ewww.

- - -

Okay, Emma just came to the back door telling me about the mud bath she's making for her Barbies. I think it's time to wrap this up.

Happy Monday to you all!


  1. Three quick things...

    1. We had two little friends over this afternoon and had a huge Barbie extravaganza ourselves. I'm afraid our Barbie's are a little more worldly. They were very into facials and the spa and getting ready for the ball.

    2. Abbey's leg swelled to almost twice it's size after she got bit by a mosquito bite this weekend! I keep rubbing Bactine on it b/c I'm terrified it's going to get infected. Thankfully the swelling has gone down considerably. (She's HIGHLY allergic to mos. bites).

    3. Try freezing leftover smoothies in popsicle molds. So yummy on hot afternoons!

  2. Ok, I need to bring Caitlyn over so she can actually play barbies with other girls. All she gets to do all day long is play Bible Man and she and her brothers each get a sword and fight. Her little bag of barbies just stays in her room, unopened. :(

  3. I agree about marigolds. I don't like the way geraniums smell, either.

    The color is very summery, though.

  4. i make smoothie pops too! :)

    also, that is just too precious what the girls were saying while playing with their barbies. brought tears to my eyes..... :)

  5. 1)You need to share your smoothie recipes! We've been on a fruit kick lately and I think that would be a perfect change up in the routine.

    2)I'm not a fan of marigold smells either. My grandmother always planted them though and said that they kept mosquitos and other bugs away. Apparently they don't like the smell either!

  6. Hi, I just found your bloggity blog through the M2M Blogroll. You are just too cute! Love the way little ones pick up on the churchy-stuff they see and put it to practice in their playtime. Super cute blog!


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