Monday, June 07, 2010

Flying solo

As day three of single-momming it comes to a close, I thought I'd reflect on just a few reasons why Gary needs to come back PRONTO.

The kids are snuggled up in their beds (or on top of them since it's 90 degrees in my house), and I mustered up all the energy I could in order to clean my kitchen. And so now, I'm proud to present you with my sink.
It's clean enough to make the FlyLady proud. That glass in there is from the orange juice I just finished. It would be really great if I could remember BEFORE I drink OJ that it causes me serious heartburn. But no, I'm being reminded of it as I'm typing this. That blue sippy cup has been in the sink since Saturday morning, just hours after Gary left. Why? I can NOT open it. I don't even remember if it had milk or juice or water in it, and I wonder if it'll still be recognizable once it's opened. Until it's opened, it can't be washed. And until Gary's home, it can't be opened. Unless I take it next door to my neighbor who doesn't have kids and has probably never opened a sippy cup in his life... which I just might have to do tomorrow!

Which reminds me, you know those thin, flimsy rubber things that help you open jars that just won't open? I had some friends in college that called it a "husband" - as in, "Grab the husband - I can't open the pickles!"


I need my husband.

Next to my sparkling clean sink is this:

A bowl of soapy water. Why? Because I heard it attracts moths. And I hate moths. There were a ton of moths out this evening... when the kids would NOT keep the back door shut. I don't know if I have any moths in my house now, but let's just say this is a preemptive strike against the moths. If the husband were home, I wouldn't need it because I could just have him kill the moths. In the meantime, I'm hoping this does the trick, but OH HOW I HOPE there are no moths in there by morning, because it means a) there were moths IN MY HOUSE and b) I will have to dump it and that will freak me out.

I am not usually this neurotic, but I guess having Gary gone brings out the best in me. Not.

Don't even get me started on my runaway imagination. Just typing it makes me twitch. I'm my own worst enemy when he's away because of the scenarios I think of. I know I can't be the only one who sleeps with every phone in the house (landline, cell phone, Fisher-Price phone) on the pillow next to her, along with the laptop and flashlight and list of phone numbers just in case... right? I'm stopping there just because I seriously am freaking myself out just by thinking about it all.

Another reason he needs to come home now? I'm exhausted. Today was one of those days when I counted down the seconds until bedtime. I'm so thankful for an engaged husband and daddy who helps out and is truly a partner in this parenting thing. Major props to those who do this alone all the time. I don't know how you do it. Normally, just knowing that he's coming home at the end of the day is often what gets me through... but when he's gone, and I know there's no relief until bedtime, but REALLY no full relief until he's HOME is tough.

Come home, Gary! I'm so glad to share you so you can share the love of Jesus with others... but so very glad when you're home. It's better when you're here.


  1. I thot I was the only one that slept with the phone on my husband's pillow beside me when he is away! I also turn his pillow sideways so that when I groggily wake in the middle of the night, it kinda resembles his shape beside me. :0) Hope you get some relief soon.

  2. I sleep with lights on AND the phone beside me when John is gone. I usually run the dishwasher at night but when he's gone I run it early in the day because heaven forbid the noise of it keep me from missing the sound of predators (or moths)(smile!) Actually I should say that I "try" to sleep when he's gone. I just can't. In the last couple of years I've resorted to taking one Tylenol PM and that helps a little. The last time he was gone I had a terrible cold and slept like a baby each night.

    Our house has A/C. And it's been on since last week. This is pretty hot for early June, isn't it?

  3. I work with single Moms and I tell them all the time how much I admire them for doing it ALONE!! My hubby was away a lot last month and it wore me out being the sole parent most of the time. As for the sleeping....I have been known to resort to the Tylenol PM myself in order to get some sleep, but then I have to put Emma in bed with me because I'm afraid I won't hear her if she needs me. :-)

  4. You're cracking me up with your moths.

  5. John's gone this week (not sure if I told you that,) and might be part of next week and the next week too... :( I was used to this when he traveled so much before, but now it's really hard for me. I came home from work yesterday and just cried. I don't like going to sleep w/o him; I'm not sure if it's better/worse with kiddos. Anyway, both phones are near, the house alarm is on, and the dog is at alert. However, now when he barks, my feet don't even touch the floor as I peer out the window (it's usually a dumb rabbit running across the porch anyway.) ...All this being said--wanna have a spendthenight? Love you Ang!!!

  6. The "moth" bowl = ridiculous.
    The impossible sippy = you're welcome. :)

    Love ya! <3


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