Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Moooving ahead

I'm ba-a-a-ack!

I've been working on a new post for the last week and have been trying for two days to publish, but it won't let me. (I wonder if this one will publish without giving me a hassle?) So, it's saved, and maybe I'll try again, but I'm kind of figuring at this point that it's just not meant to be. After reading it a dozen times, it is kind of a downer post, but it did have some good truths in it.

The gist was this: Good riddance, May! Bring on June.

So here we are, June 2nd. It seems the perfect time to begin a new tradition called, "2 on the 2nd!"

You're right. That sounds totally, totally lame. Mer is definitely on to something with her "10 on the 10th" deal. I'll stick with that. (And apparently, if you look back, you'll notice that April and May must not have had 10ths this year. Or maybe I'm a huge ol' blogging slacker.)

But since I need to kick-start my blogging mojo, and since I'm curious about if THIS post will publish, and since I have 20 minutes before it magically turns into "3 on the 3rd," I think I'll crank out two quickies and call it a night.

1. Kristen, this post is for you. No more "Eggs to Dye For." You're welcome.

2. While I'm thrilled that Brody has started talking more, I'm not thrilled that he began calling me "Ma-Moo" this week. Yes, I'm pregnant and packing on the pounds, but seriously my little guy. Can we please refrain from the cow references? Thanks.


  1. I miss you when you don't blog! Glad you're back. And I'm glad it's June too. Very glad.

  2. I can't believe've come back to the blogging world. No more eggs to dye for. I'm THRILLED! Your blog is one of the most exciting ones to read. So blog blog blog! Love you Angie!

  3. Angie, Gray called Philip "Da-doo" for the longest time! At least a year.

  4. welcome back! :)

    although we've missed your posts, it's totally ok to take a break sometimes. my goodness, you've had a lot going on...not to mention you'll soon have a household of 6 to care for! WHEW!!


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