Thursday, November 19, 2009

We have a winner!

Sorry I'm late on this, everyone! I said I'd announce a winner Monday... and here we are on Thursday.

I have no excuse. I'm having issues accomplishing things this week. Anyone out there in my same boat?

It was fun to see the wide variety of guesses! I think a lot of you may be surprised by the answers.

Anyway, on to the big reveal...

ONE of you got all of them right!!!

But then?


Kathleen, my BFF since 3rd grade... I can't believe you. So, I threw Kathleen's name in with the other SIX who got 2 out of 3 right... and drew...

I really didn't rig it! I promise. So congratulations, Sunny. I kind of want to keep the gift card until I can give it to you in person and use it together. But I'll send it to you if I must!

So, we'll do a recap. Stay tuned because I'm sure some of these need explanation. Stories to follow!

1. I love the smell of cow manure : TRUE
2. I was in a bar fight when I was pregnant with Emma : TRUE
3. I have met Beth Moore in person : FALSE
4. Tear gas has no effect on me : TRUE
5. I had a guinea pig named "Rabbit" when I was in elementary school : FALSE
6. I competed in the Colorado state spelling bee in fifth grade : TRUE
7. I played the part of a bladder in a play when I was in high school : TRUE
8. My first kiss with Gary was at a rest stop in Utah : TRUE
9. I have had my tonsils removed : FALSE
10. Last summer I lost my wedding rings : TRUE

Thanks for playing my little game with me!


  1. congratulations! I still wish it was me- but I wasn't even close! ha

  2. cow manure?!?! really? ;) wow.

    also, PLEASE enlighten us on the bar fight!

  3. I'm guessing that I am the only person who reads your blog who you were introduced to as, "Angie Olson, the walking Dictionary." And Hello?! You are the bladder, with every drink, you DO get fatter. ;) I wavered on the first kiss thing because I remember Gary talking about how he wanted your first kiss to be on your wedding day... but I couldn't remember if you broke down or not (duh, of course you did). Oh well. I promise to wear the title well. :)


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