Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy {belated!} Easter... and I'm off!

I had to come and post a few pics so my millions of fans wouldn't think I'd abandoned my poor little blog.

My in-laws were here for a week and left yesterday. Great visit! Easter weekend was fun... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

In summary: ADDIE LOVES EASTER CANDY. Good to know.

Now I'm off for a weekend away! JUST ME! I'm leaving the girls and Gary behind for a weekend away at a church Women's Retreat with some friends. It's in Buena Vista so it will be far away and gorgeous. Just what I need! I'm so looking forward to this time of refreshment and renewal. My iPod is loaded, my bags are (not) packed, and I can't wait for some good girlfriend time. Now if we can just navigate safely through the snow to get there...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Ang! Great Easter pictures! I love that all 3 of them have matching dresses and what cute ones!! I hope you had a great retreat...sure wish I could have joined you! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. I saw your comment on the LPM blog and think I've seen it on Amanda's too. Looks like you live sort of close to us! We are just north of Colorado Springs (so bee-u-tiful!). Our women's retreat was at Buena Vista, too (the Young Life camp).'s a small world!
    God Bless you, Sista!


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