Friday, July 20, 2012

Now Showing!

It's opening night of "Narnia!"

For the third summer in a row, the girls are part of the Peanut Butter Players - a children's theater in our community.  They've been practicing for a month, and finally tonight is opening night!  They are sooo excited!

Emma is a Narnian Eagle and Addie is a Christmas Squirrel.

Let's revisit summers past...

Last year, the Peanut Butter Players performed "Hans Christian Anderson" where my girls were school children and also jellyfish in the "Little Mermaid" ballet scene.

I'm always so impressed by the do-it-yourself costumes the parents have to put together, and the scenery everyone pitches in to create.  

The kids all audition and are then given a few lines to memorize, along with songs and sometimes a dance.  It's SO fun to watch!

The first year they did it, they were mermaids in "Peter Pandemonium" - a play about a children's theater company putting on the play "Peter Pan" but experiencing a few bumps along the way.  Such a clever show!

With about 50 kids in each of the two casts that perform, it's amazing how it all comes together by the end.  The director, Jo Anne Lamun, has quite a knack for wrangling children.

One of the girls' favorite things to do is to sign autographs after the show - how cute is that?!

So hours before the curtains part, I just have one thing to say...
Break a leg - or a wing - girls! 

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