Thursday, January 19, 2012

When massages go bad

The girls' latest bedtime stalling technique?

Nightly massages.
I mean, how are you supposed to stop them mid-backrub and send them to bed?  Smart girls.

They start by laying out a big, soft blanket and put pillows side by side, right next to the warm fire.  Then they instruct us to lay down so the massage can begin.  Seriously!  I'm supposed to deny them this loving, selfless act of service?  ;)

So there we were the other night, getting our romantic couples' massage.  Emma hit this spot that was just right.  I groaned a blissful groan.

That's all it took for the massage to take a quick turn.  Addie lit up and exclaimed, "Let's see what noises DAD can make!"  And with that, she gave his back a few good rubs and soon she was delighted to hear a deep, "HUBBA HUBBA!"

His outburst was met with uncontrollable giggling.  Next, Emma couldn't wait to see what sound I would make.

Oh, there it was.  That spot on my left shoulder.  "Aaaa-OOOOOO-gah!"  Mimicking an old-timey car horn brought on squeals of laughter.

Daddy was next.  "Sweet Betsy!!!"  I'm pretty sure Addie fell off his back at that one.

Our soothing massages were no longer relaxing, but had turned into a competition of ridiculousness.

"Ohhhhh yeah!"
"Sweet mother of pearl!"

It's hard to believe they were wound up when we finally ushered them up to bed, isn't it?

In these moments of delirious laughter, I am so in love with my family.  Thank you, Lord, for those fun, unexpected minutes before bedtime!


  1. That post was so wrong but oh so right!

  2. My dad used the same technique on his Dad growing up. He would give his Dad a back massage so he could stay up watch a program on TV. Worked well for him too.

  3. This is priceless! I'll have to leave your blog up on the kids' computer to give them the great idea!


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