Thursday, September 15, 2011

Odds and Ends. Mostly Odds.

Hello.  I'm sick.  I feel like curling up in my bed and sleeping for the next 16 days.  But then my four kids remind me that that is not an option.

Not. An. Option.
And so, I'm trying to suck it up and still be a mom and wife despite feeling like I'm about to die.  I went to the doctor yesterday and answered all of her obvious questions in a crackly, barely audible voice.  

Nurse:  "Does your head hurt?"  
Me:      "YES."
Nurse:  "Is your nose stuffed up?"
Me:      "Is by nabe bobby?"
Nurse:  "Does it hurt your head to bend down to pick up the baby?"
Me:      "Only the first 4236 times."
Nurse:  "Are you tired?"
Me:      "Yes.  For the past 8 years."

In the end, she determined I have a sinus infection... that could be turning into something worse.  What an ominous diagnosis.  So I'm all medicinized (that IS a word), and hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.  This all started with a measly sore throat on Thursday, which turned into crazy full-on laryngitis Friday-Monday.  Tuesday it hit.  Oh, and Monday the two littles were diagnosed with croup.  We're a picture of health over here!!!

Anyway, here are some odds and ends for your Thursday viewing pleasure:

A New Thing I Love:
Of course I discover this at the END of the summer, but this is awesome.  I got a three-pack of these babies at Target.  
Sure, I could just go out and actually buy a racerback bra, but this does the trick in a pinch.  Not to mention this little perk:  it also tends to "lift" a little bit.  And it was so cheap!  Love.  

Another New Thing I Love:
I love, love, LOVE the new Facebook feature that reminds you of your status updates from the past.  "On this day in 2009..."  What a fun little walk through memory lane.  A recent one that made me giggle from last year:  "Emma says her toe thumb hurts."  Ha ha!

Socks Are The Thorn in My Side:
It might be more worthwhile to toss all the socks and start fresh every fall than to battle the matching and sorting of worn-out, stretched-out, out-grown socks.  I love summer, and maybe it's because there are so few socks involved.  With the start of school comes the start of socks.  Dislike.  Mundane, I know.  I just had to get that out there.

Thank you, Tony Osborne, where ever you are:
My kids' favorite new thing to do is watch the credits at the end of any show, looking for an "Osborne."  Finally they hit the jackpot!  Today while watching the end credits for "Chuggington" on the Disney Channel, Addie spotted the name Tony Osborne.  She screamed with joy and made me rewind it.  (Thanks are also due to the inventor of the DVR.)  So, thanks Tony.  Your hard work on that silly train show has made my daughter's day.

It Pays to Be a Night Owl:
This morning Addie was rattling off some of the Scriptures she's memorized when this one caught me by surprise:

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have nocturnal life."  (John 3:16. Kind of.)

Simple Pleasures:
I really love the new Pampers Cruisers polka dot diapers.  They're so cute.
Apparently it doesn't take much to make me happy these days.

Squirrelin' Around:
We have a new little guy running through our yard lately.  He's pretty cute.  It's fun that our trees are finally big enough to be entertain the local wildlife.

I have no idea why I'm okay with this guy and not a vole.  A rodent is a rodent is a rodent... but this one has a fluffy tail.

The End. 


  1. How can you be so sick and so charming at the same time? I sure hope you feel better soon though!!

  2. My squirrels want a playdate with your squirrel. Does yours plank?

  3. First, that picture at the top is priceless.

    Second, I refuse to believe that summer is over. Bring on the bra straps! Even if I have to wear them under my fleece sweatshirts! (Denial is my favorite river.)

    Third, I LOVE THE POLKA DOT DIAPERS TOO. We are truly twins of the soul.

    And four, I had a dream about you last night. We were celebrating your 35th birthday at a surprise party. Gary put it all together, and even managed to get Pioneer Woman to host it. You are a rock star.

  4. I buy Target diapers whenever I can because they have the cute blue and green polka dots. Glad I'm not the only one!


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