Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birds on My Fence

There are a bunch of birds sitting on my back fence right now.

Fluffy, fat brown sparrows all lined up, chatting away and eating berries.

I watch them, somewhat envious that they don't have so many distractions vying for their attention.  Facebook doesn't lure them in.  Chores and dinner and school pick up and laundry and meal planning and car maintenance and doctor's appointments and paying bills and replying to emails are all foreign to them.  Well, they do tweet.

"You wanna go hang out on the fence for awhile?"
"Sure!  C'mon, friends!"

And BAM.  Thirteen bird friends just hanging out enjoying each other's company.

Just being.

They ruffle their feathers, chirp some sweet tunes and nibble on the bounty from the bush hanging over them.  Bliss.

We humans make things so complicated.


This post is brought to you by Just Write, a new Tuesday exercise in writing without overthinking at The Extraordinary Ordinary. Play along -- and let me know so I can come visit you too.


  1. There are times I think I'd like to be a bird too.

    Then I think about how many birds poop on my patio table, and the thought goes away.

    (Isn't it fun to write without thinking or editing?!? My goodness, I've forgotten how. I have no idea when blogging became so introspective for me, but I'm determined to shake it. Just Write is a great way to stretch that muscle.)

  2. Ha Ha- They tweet!!! I love it :)

  3. Love this post. So true, and I, being a bird lover, can see your point exactly!

  4. Here's the lead sheet to Black Cat on the Fence that I came up with for inclusion in my mini Filofax. It's actually in Bb but I put it in C to suit my transposing cornet.Sydney Pianos


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