Monday, April 13, 2009

Ordinary Day

I was thinking today was just another ordinary day, and tonight I went to clear pictures from my camera and realized I was right. It was just another ordinary day...

Emma and Brody watched a TV show together in the laundry basket.

Addie watched while eating an apple.

We had about eight Easter Egg hunts in the front yard, the back yard, and in the house (yes, the day after Easter), and it was fun every time. The girls stuffed all their candy back into the eggs and I hid them again and again. It wasn't until the end when they took everything out of the eggs that I learned that Emma actually put carrots in some of hers. It shouldn't surprise me since she's on a health food kick.

While I was on the phone with Michelle, Emma and Addie made a fort out of the couch cushions and Brody was their neighbor. (Can you see him? He's there hidden in the cushions, cradled in the laundry basket.) Yikes.

I ate too much junkfood.

Addie found the first roly-poly bug and first ladybug of spring. She told me it was a boy ladybug because she couldn't see its eyelashes.

Addie crashed on the couch and it was really hard to wake her up for dinner.

Emma and Brody played games with the laundry basket while I made dinner.

Brody had noodles at dinner and loved them.

Later, we realized that the aforementioned roly-poly bug had died.

Addie was sad.

Yep, today was pretty ordinary. I wish every day was just as ordinary because it was a good day. I love my family.




Okay, I can't end on that sad picture of Addie. So how about this one of the three kids on Easter? It's the best picture I have of the three. I might have to stage an Easter picture. Brody's looking gigantic since he's closer and Emma has a funny look and Addie looks pained. But they're still cute. :)

I hope you have an ordinary day!


  1. Your kids are so adorable! Glad to hear your day was pleasant (:

  2. What a GREAT day! Isn't it amazing how we just view a laundry basket as a tool in which we cart our clothes from one end of the house to the other ........ but in the eyes of a child it is a TOY! Love the pic of the three kiddos.

  3. Love have completely inspired me to view my ordinary day a little differently today.

  4. Ok, first I have to say that you are a Chatty Kathy today, Ang!! I think that's the most comments I've had on my blog...well...ever!! I loved it! ;)

    Now, on to YOUR blog... ;)

    Emma and Brody in the laundry basket are precious! My mom has a picture of my younger brother, Robert, and I in the laundry basket just like that when we were little...and even funnier is that at the time, Robert had red hair like Brody, too (it's since turned blonde). And I can't believe that sad face of Addie's...bless her heart!!

    You sure do have cute kids!!!

  5. Word World! My boys LOVE that show!

  6. I would do just about anything to get back to having ordinary days around here. :(

    Okay, cute pics all around, but that Easter pic of all three is super-cute!

    Why do babies never keep socks ON their feet, but always in a state of coming off?

    And Emma...what are you going to do with her? CARROTS in her egg? It's getting serious. LOL! That is so funny!

  7. Wow, they sure were having fun with that laundry basket! I love the one with his legs sticking out, so cute! I can't wait to see those 3 cuties in a few weeks!

  8. A few years ago, I did this: Take pictures of an ordinary day in the life. It seemed a little silly then. ("Here are the kids eating lunch.") But now? I love those basic pictures. They capture a stage in our family.

  9. Angie...your kids are adorable. Does Brody have red hair??? It looks like it has a reddish tint.

    My girls draw eyelashes on everythings from princesses to ladybugs, so that comment totally cracked me up.

    And what's the laundry basket fascination? My kids do that too. One of my favorite pictures of Sarah is her reading in ours.

    Glad you had such an ordinary day, and glad you shared it with us.

  10. You get great mileage out of your laundry basket! Seriously, do our kids need toys when they have laundry baskets and couch cushions? Your ordinary day seems a bit like mine but I would see little legos all around in every picture. I love checking in on you Angie cause you always make me laugh...especially your shower dreams. I am envious that your brain is so incredibly creative in the a.m. : ) Blessings to you and your fam!


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