Monday, April 06, 2009

The answer to a bad economy? Lose your teeth.

Last night, Emma ANOTHER tooth. This is her FOURTH tooth and she's only five!

The problem was that she had to go to bed before Daddy got home, and she wanted him to see her tooth. So she wrote a note to the toothfairy. She asked me how to spell each word and took her sweet time writing it. Mind you, she was tucked into her bed when she lost the tooth. So was this a stall technique or just sweet? You decide.

Yeah, sweet. You're right. Well, just as I tucked her in again, the note safely balanced on her tooth box, Daddy came home. Much to his delight (not! teeth gross him out!), he got to hold Emma's tooth.

She was very excited about how shiny and small it was. It was really cute how eager she was to show me where the weeds used to be. Weeds? Yep. She gets "roots" and "weeds" mixed up. SHE IS SO CUTE.

Anyway, the toothfairy left a sparkly quarter coated in fairy dust in her tooth box, complete with a trail of fairy dust from the box to her bedroom window which was cracked open a smidge. Emma TOTALLY believes in the toothfairy, and it's really fun to play along. The toothfairy even left a little fairydust on each of the girls' cheeks where she must have kissed them. The girls were excited all day about that!

(Note to self: when making a tooth box, do not dangle noisy beads all along the outside of the lid of the box. It is not conducive to being a sneaky toothfairy! I can't believe the toothfairy has yet to be caught with all the racket her box makes!)

So now I have the cutest little toothless girl you've ever seen. Addie's sad that her teeth aren't loose yet, and Brody is working on a bottom tooth right now. I think it'll be awhile before anyone loses another tooth around here. And if it's Gary or I who do, I probably won't blog about it. I just think the cuteness factor would be lacking, don't you?


  1. She IS the cutest little toothless girl! And I love what you, er, I mean, the toothfairy did for her with the pixie dust and the cracked are awesome!! What a cool mom you are!

  2. oh my gosh she is SO cute!!! love her. and, you are the coolest tooth fairy. i am totally stealing the glittery quarter idea. That is genius! I hope I can remember that in 5 or so years :)

  3. Absolutely adorable! Good luck with the noisy beads on the box. Let's hope you don't get caught while doing your tooth fairy job (:

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. She is so flipping cute.
    And I love the tooth fairy box you made.
    And I think you would still be cute without any teeth. Well, maybe cute isn't the right word. But, I would still love you a whole lot. : )

  5. I have to say.......she looks pretty stinkin' cute without teeth!

    Love the box!!

  6. I LOVE her new gumline! How perfect. And, why IS that so darn cute, when if you posted a pic of yourself in the same predicament, it would be...well, not cute.

    I don't think any of G's other teeth are loose yet, but this makes me want to go check.

  7. I got the whole story today at MOPS- I was a little taken aback by her lack of teeth- but she is so cute now! (I love the bit about weeds and roots. too cute.)

  8. My kids keep asking to see Emma's toothless smile and of course the dog video from a couple blogs back.

  9. She is SO CUTE, and that note is priceless.

    My seven year old has only lost TWO teeth, but my son lost two teeth just last week. The molar was kinda gross.

    Happy Easter, Angie!

  10. She is too cute...I really enjoy your blog. Stop by for a visit and get in on my April giveaway.

  11. first of all 4 teeth at age five? Wow. And sedcond---holy cow she is cute---inside and out---I love her putting the Tooth fairy on hold for her daddy!!!

  12. How absolutely adorable is SHE??! Love the box... how creative! I wish I were craftier. I love the note for the toothfairy... priceless!


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