Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheap entertainment

After yesterday's post, I feel that I need to clarify that I'm not anti-cat. Not at all! I'm just anti-cat-bottoms-on-dish-towels. No. In fact, I like cats. I had one when I was little. Her name was Sugar and she was so pretty. She let us dress her up in doll clothes.

My sister has a cat named CC. She's pretty much the devil and hisses at me every chance she gets, but she's soft and I love to pet her even though I'm scared to death of her when she lets me.

There's a website out there that makes me laugh... and ironically, it's about cats. Now, although I like cats, I wouldn't consider myself a cat person, but I really get a kick out of that website.

Which is why I thought it was hilarious when Emma came up with a new game to play with Brody.

We like to call it, "Stuff on My Baby Brother."

It started innocently enough... she let him play with her baby doll.

And then her blanket...

And then Ariel...

And then a roll of toilet paper...

And then a Strawberry Shortcake figurine...

And then a basket of Christmas books, the top of Strawberry Shortcake's house, and a few more figurines...

And then a Little People camper...

And then her backpack...

And then a Christmas stocking...

And then a Little People car...

And then a bracelet on his head... (but it kept slipping off)...

(A close-up of poor, sweet, tolerant Brody)

And then the Little People farm and Strawberry Shortcake figurine house...

And then the Little People minivan...

And a DVD.

I made her stop when she started dragging the coffee table over near Brody.


  1. I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! Best post ever! :rofl:

  2. He is SO unfazed! LOL (sorry, I'm still looking and laughing..)

  3. I just pulled one of my cubemates over to look at these pictures!!! I just spit my coffee on my keyboard! What a sweet and good natured little guy Brody must be!! He only looked like he might be a bit worried when the Christmas stocking was added in. What a little doll!

  4. I love his face after the Christmas stocking, "Um. Mom. Mom? Are you watching this? Stop taking pictures and help me!!"

  5. What a wonderful game! Are there prizes?

  6. This is pretty hilarious! And also the stuff Brody will be telling his therapist some day... "well, doc, my sister kept putting stuff on me and I looked at my mom and she just took pictures of me!" "Your mom, you say? hmmm, very interesting!"

  7. This right here. This is the number one reason I want to have kids! To stack stuff on them. Do you think that's a bad reason?

    Thanks for the laugh. I've missed ya! ;)

  8. Hilarious! And what a sweet little brother, letting Emma torture him like that- LOL!

  9. Oh my goodness! I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes!! His little unfazed eyes peeking out are the best part.

  10. Looks like something that could come from my house:) BTW my girls love the things on my cat website.

  11. Hilarious post. I do feel a little sorry for Brody though.

  12. This is definitely one of the those photos that will come out at his reherseal dinner. Gotta love the third child!

  13. He must be THE sweetest most patient boy ever. Which I assume will serve him well growing up with two older sisters :)

    So cute...

  14. Hi, I'm here via Mer's blog.

    So cute.

    He'll make a wonderful husband someday, won't he? :)

  15. Meredith sent me daughter did this to her sister once! So funny. I love the looks on his face. :)


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