Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ketchup time

I had a teacher in elementary school who would always put out a giant bottle of ketchup when we had some spare time. We could work on whatever we wanted to and get caught up. It was "catch-up" time. So... welcome to Ketchup Time here at my blog.

I've been feeling uninspired lately. I think reminiscing about my first days of womanhood just exhausted me to the point where nothing else is blog-worthy. Ha! We know that can't be true, right? No, I've just been reading more blogs lately than keeping up with my own. Speaking of reading blogs, if you enjoyed my last post and would like to further peek into the mind of two geeky junior high girls, read this post immediately. It's a true story, as much as we hate to admit it. I've decided that in addition to owning my own kitchen blunders blog, Kathleen and I could easily fill a year's worth of blog posts with stories of our cool school days. We were SO AWESOME. You all would've been dying to be our friends. (Back me up here, Kath.) Anyway, go read that post, it's laugh-out-loud funny.

So to play a little ketchup, I thought I'd share some pictures from the last week or so. Besides, I know a lot of you out there only look for pictures and won't read my witty words, so I'll rope you in while I can.

Gary was off all last week, which was wonderful. WONDERFUL. He had some work stuff to do anyway, and had to study for school, but we still got to hang out with him a ton and he was home almost every night. We felt so spoiled. On the first day of his vacation, we went down to the Children's Museum in Denver. That place is so great.

There's nothing like making a choo-choo train with recycled materials using dull tools.

The girls loved dressing like animals and running around in a "woodsy" exhibit where they could climb in nests and crawl around "underground." Very fun.

- - - - -

Valentine's Day was a nice, quiet family day. It was nice to lay low and just be together. Grandpa and Grandma stopped by with the traditional roses for Grandpa's girls, so of course I pulled out my camera. My girls CANNOT take normal pictures. What is it with Emma's cheesy smile? She later explained that this is her smile that touches her ears. Hmm.
We made sugar cookies and decorated them in the afternoon and they LOVED it. I meant to take pictures, but I think I was too busy trying to keep the mess to a minimum. That's another post for another day. I need to let them make messes!

The day ended with a FANCY Valentine's dinner. The girls thought it was so amazing to have such fancy placemats (paper doilies) and candles. We had "pink chicken" (most people call this "salmon" but Emma insists it's pink chicken), salad and pink mashed potatoes. The girls loved the pink mashed potatoes, naturally.

- - - - -

Also in ketchup news, my niece turned ONE! You have to see the darling invitations my sister made for the party. So adorable. The party was fun, and we were pleased that Kenzie made a mess of her cake. Good job on the party, Amy. Everything looked perfect! (I wish I had a picture of the food table - the big cake was so cute, and all the food was colorful and sooo good.)

Oh, we also got a few cute pictures of our family out of the deal.

See? That's my cute husband. One time he asked how come I never talk about him on my blog. I tricked him into confessing something to me the other day that was just downright hilarious, but I think it would embarrass him if I shared it with the whole internet. Rest assured that it was funny. Love ya, Gary!

- - - - -

Finally, we went to the doctor today and Addie has croup. Poor little thing. She's a trooper, and after one dose of meds she's already much better, but her little hoarse voice is the cutest thing. She could barely whisper this afternoon, but now she's just raspy and squeaky. Emma on the other hand, is perfectly healthy and doing all she can for our attention. OH MY. She's been a handful today.

So that concludes this edition of Ketchup Time! I'll be a better blogger. I promise.


  1. Angie...you have a beautiful family! Your girls are precious, and I personally love the cheesy smiles.

    My kids LOVE the Children's Museum, especially the upstairs (basketball and grocery shopping)!

    This was a fun post...I might have to copy your "catch-up/Ketchup" idea.

  2. I love the pictures and the words (brilliance, my darling, sheer brilliance!). The girls are adorable, Grandma and Grandpa look fantastic, Amy and family are cute as can be, and you and Gary are just glowing. Thanks for the ketchup.

    And I'm still laughing about that post too... maybe that just speaks to our sense of humor, but I keep rereading it and just busting up. We definitely could fill up a fantastic blog with our wacky tales. I've actually thought of doing a week's worth of posts dedicated to our juvenille coolness... there are definitely a few more posts to come. :)

    Much love!

  3. I have a million little comments running thru my head about the pictures and descriptions - Emma looks so grown-up in those Valentine photos, is Gary growing his hair out?, you look beautiful, pink mashed potatoes....so creative!!!, Kenzie is so adorable, amazing that she's a year already!, and I'm so glad you posted today, it was a long 13 days! :-). It was so good talking to you today, I can't wait to talk again, I feel like we still have so much to catch up on. Do you know your plans yet for the end of March??? And hey, guess what? I think we might be coming out there the 2ndish week of August, too!!!!! yay! I miss you.

  4. Well, it's about time. :)
    I love all the pictures. I didn't read a word you said, just looked at the pictures. JUST KIDDING!

  5. So cute! I loved it all! :)
    I think I'm going to try to use the pink chicken idea one of these days... to trick Mike, not the kids! :)

    Talk to you soon & hope Addy's feeling better soon!


  6. I love that your parents bring the girls roses. I also think you might have your 2008 Christmas photo (the middle one of the last three photos). Looks like classic Osborne to me:).

  7. Oh, Poor sweet Addie. The first thing that Henry did today when he walked into class was turn to me and say "where's Addie" only you have to imagine it in his cute little boy voice. I think that they are an "item" in the 2 year old world. Hope she feels better!

  8. Hi, I hopped over from Joanne's blog. I have been reading yours for a while and love it. I laughed so hard at your last posting. It was hysterical. I don't think I can even pin point a YEAR for my "anniversary". :)
    Great pictures, your family is adorable. Isn't the Children's museum wonderful! Of course I am sure my girls are going to get lice from those dress up costumes, but that's me being a freak! :)
    I hope Addie feels better. Wendy

  9. I just read the post on Little Ms. Notetaker. You and Kathleen had way too much fun! If you do create your A Fur Coat in the Sun blog I'll be a devoted fan.:)


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