Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This is not good for my beauty sleep

Oh dear... I've found a new addiction and it's taken hold of my life.

Gary went to bed over an hour ago and I should've gone with him, but I can't stop...

I'm on level 33 (nurlo!) of weffriddles and I'm going crazy! I've not been sleeping well anyway lately, and this isn't going to help. I know I'm going to be laying awake solving these instead of drifting to sleep. If you've never heard of weffriddles, I don't encourage you to visit www.weffriddles.com unless you've got more self control than I do.

Gary pretty much told me he thinks I'm addicted to the computer tonight. How wonderful! :(

I know I was trying to discourage you to NOT go to weffriddles, but secretly I want everyone I know to go there so we can get through it together. Got it?! :)

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  1. Oh boy, what's this? Sounds fun, I think I'll get my beauty sleep tonight and then look at the site tomorrow! Can't wait to see what you've been up to now! :-)


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