Thursday, March 01, 2007

10 Things I Love About You

A little challenge I'm doing with some mama friends... (feel free to play along!)

Blog 10 random things you love about each person living in your house.

Okay! This should be easy.

Gary (my hubby):
  1. He loves me. (What's not to love about that?!)
  2. He's very handsome.
  3. He loves the Lord.
  4. He is a great Daddy and loves his girls.
  5. He's a very talented carpenter and handy-man.
  6. He's easy-going.
  7. He's very forgiving.
  8. He's a HUGE baby when he's sick (isn't it odd how we can't help but love the things that drive us absolutely crazy?!)
  9. He's money-saavy.
  10. He loves my honey-do lists.
  1. She's adorable.
  2. She's got a great smile... when it's "real"
  3. She's very smart.
  4. She's a leader.
  5. She knows what she likes (and she likes Cinderella).
  6. She's hilarious.
  7. She's got more energy than anyone I know.
  8. She's totally fun to be around.
  9. She tries to use grown-up phrases and cracks me up.
  10. She loves being at home with me more than she likes running errands. :)
  1. She's adorable too.
  2. She's got sparkly blue eyes.
  3. She's got a very spunky (and ornery) personality.
  4. She loves to wear a coat around the house at all times.
  5. She has a favorite blanket that she likes to have with her most of the time.
  6. She kisses with her mouth open.
  7. When she hugs me, she "pats" me.
  8. She's quick to wave hi and bye to people, but instantly shy if they respond.
  9. She's a great sleeper.
  10. When she spins, she looks up in the corner of her eyes... hard to explain, but man it's funny.
Bonus pic of my three loves:


  1. Woohoo and a bonus pic! They're too precious.

  2. Cool. I totally forgot to list your #3, on mine about Philip. Doh!
    I love the picture!

  3. AWE! Once again I am weepy!
    I love the bonus pic! ::sweet::

  4. I loved reading your list. I can actually picture Addie looking out of the corner of her eyes because I think that Savannah did/does something similiar.

    The picture is so sweet!!!


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