Saturday, March 24, 2007


We're back from our trip to Texas... and had a great time! We went for a funeral, but that was just a teensy part of our trip. We stayed with my cousin Alicia and her family and had TONS OF FUN! I told Alicia about my blog (make that two people that I've met face-to-face that know about my blog), so if you're reading this, Alicia, thanks for such a wonderful, great happy time. I expected to have fun, but it was even better than I'd hoped. Thanks for your hospitality and love! I'll send you a bunch of pictures, but here are a few to tide you over:

I came home to a fun little treat in my mail from Michelle, and it now has a not-so-cozy little home in my freezer! They're like giant mint-chocolate chips. SO GOOD. They're getting along quite well with my dark chocolate chips. Mmmmm. Is it bad that these delectable treats are half gone? :) Thanks, friend! I love you!

Before we left for our trip, Gary's mom was in town for a few days and I finally gave her her long-awaited Christmas present! OOPS! She didn't mind, thankfully. I guess starting this project a week before Christmas and finishing it in time for Christmas was out of the question, huh? Oh well. Here are a few pictures of the finished proect - "Grammy's ABC Book." Enjoy!

Finally, it rained all night and we even woke up to rain this morning. How I've missed the sound of rain! It seems like instantly things turned green. Even my neighbor's tree which was bare this morning now has green leaves on it! I kid you not! I wish I'd have taken pictures so I could prove it. Thank you, Lord, for Spring!


  1. Gorgeous album and CUTE kids!!!!! And you're only a couple months late on the Christmas present! :-) :-) :-) Glad you had a good time here in Texas!

  2. Angie! I'm glad you had a good trip. I missed you so much today. I went to that MOPS summit mgt. and was so wishing I was there with you. I hope I get to see you some time soon! That album you made is awesome, you did a really good job on that, it makes me want to make one, too, it looks like it was really fun to make, I love all the colors you used. You are so creative. Glad you like your ufo's. I ate a bunch today, too.

  3. beautiful mini album!

  4. That is a gorgeous album!
    Spring is the best, isn't it?


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