Monday, February 26, 2007

Out of the funk

I've been in a posting funk... whether it's here on my nearly abandoned blog, or keeping up with comments on friends' blogs, or on message boards, I've just been MIA. I just haven't felt like doing anything (except vacuuming... gotta love Dyson!), and I'm determined to snap out of it. After I'm done here, I'm tackling my list of house projects so I can move on to more fun ones. I have a lot of scrapbooking I want to do, but I feel like I need to "earn" it. We'll see how long that lasts. :)

Here are some random tidbits from my last week or so...

I found some motivation the other day to clean out my medicine cabinet. A friend told me that medicine (OTC) is good for 1 year after the expiration date. Does anyone out there know if that's true? I emptied out my cupboard based on that fact, and threw out a ton of stuff (and kept a lot too... so I'd love to throw out more if indeed it's "expired" when it says it is!). I didn't want to just toss pills and stuff in the trash in case the girls got a hold of it, so I collected them in a few glasses and put them down the sink. Emma thought my creation was very pretty and asked if she could play with my treasures, to which I quickly responded, "NO!!" :)

Addie likes to help with laundry. For those of you with boys, this is what girl laundry looks like:

Addie is really into feeding herself lately, which is good and bad. She is SO MESSY. I don't remember a hard transition with Emma. I feel like one day she just "got" feeding herself and it wasn't that messy. And as soon as Addie is done or she gets frustrated, food goes flying. She starts furiously waving her arms and anything within reach either gets launched across the table or gets smeared with whatever food is on her hands. I can't tell you how many times I've wiped down the walls. I can't wait for summer so I can just feed her outside. I reprimand her and tell her "no," but she keeps doing it. I'm so frustrated! If anyone out there has advice for me, I'd love to know how I can correct this BAD behavior. At only 16 months, she doesn't really understand time outs or - GASP! - spankings. I'm at my wits end with her and her tantrums!

And one of Emma eating, just 'cause she's so darn cute.


  1. I love that pile of laundry....that is a lot of pink!!!!! I've never seen so much pink, I think i need to get Livi some more pink clothes, she really hardly wears any.
    Love that bib on Addie! Your girls are so cute, I miss you guys tons! I'm glad to see you are hoping to post more, I really do look every day in hopes to see you!

  2. Oh yeah, and I've been wondering if you got that Dyson!!! Do you just love it? Every time I vacuum now, I think of that and try not to wish my vacuum would break, so that maybe we could get one of those...I love vacuuming anyways, and that would make it all the more fun!

  3. We used hand-spanking exclusively for G, before he turned 18 months old. We used it a LOT at mealtimes.
    Good luck! She's a cute messy girl, though!
    Emma is a doll. :)


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